Sunday, 30 June 2013

Really rather a lot of ICADs

Ok, brace yourselves for an

(don't be koi)
I enjoyed painting the fish for my
Summer of Color pages, 
that I did another one for ICAD.
Acrylic paint and Twinkling H20s.


(her love of books)
The background is gesso used through
a stencil, and then 
Black Soot Distress Ink
wiped over the top.
The gesso repels the ink :)
The image is from a vintage issue of
National Geographic magazine.

(recurring dream)
The background is paint left over
from another project, smeared onto 
the card. The cheesy image is from 
an advert in a vintage 
National Geographic magazine.

Dream on, fella!

(surprisingly shivery)
Collage and found text from 
an advertising leaflet.

(crazy love)
The heart is sequin waste that has been 
used previously so it's painty and stained :)
The black paper has been sprayed with
a shimmer spray through sequin waste.
White paint splatters.

Acrylic paint, rubber stamped images and 
word from a dictionary.  That little birdie
doesn't look like he knows what to do
with his newly found freedom :/

(beautiful bubbles)
Vintage papers background, 
image and words 
from an old Ladybird book, 
which I've gone
around with Inktense pencils.

(just be(e))
I took the photo of the bee
in my garden.  I painted clear 
gesso over the printed image, 
and then painted
over the top using acrylic paint.
The bee wings and some of the leaves
 have a shine provided by Diamond Glaze.

I bought some purple and pink paint - 
only cheapies but they give me joy
all the same.  I get as excited over
paint as some other women do over 
shoes and handbags :)
Image from a Specsavers 
advertising leaflet.

(Anyone for Strawberries and Cream?)
Monday saw the start of 
Wimbledon (Lawn Tennis).
It's famous for serving strawberries 
and cream and champagne..... 
oh, and they play a
bit of tennis too ;)

(the scenic route)
Legs (not mine!) from a sports clothing
catalogue, stencilled and sprayed card
as the path, rubber stamped flowers.

(Prom Night)
To mark Hope's Prom Night
(thank you so much for all of your 
lovely comments!!): the gold is saved
sweet wrappers, torn and stuck around 
the image of the Golden Girl herself.
  Over this I journalled using white 
gel pen, deliberately obscured
 so only I know what's written.

(Yellow, black and white)
Paper collage, acrylic ink 
and rubber stamped image.

(3 ammonites)
Blue swirly tissue paper previously
provided by Karen Isaacson,
Decopatch decorated tissue paper, and
the ammonites rubber stamped onto
vintage book pages.

(Wedding Anniversary)
Yesterday was Grant and my
18th Wedding Anniversary.
I kept this celebratory ICAD 
simple with 2 Gelli printed hearts,
cut out and stuck to a plain card.


Phew, that's me just about 
up-to-date with ICAD.

Thank you so much for looking!!



Maggi said...

Oh Jo, these are so amazing! The vintage-y ones are my faves. :D Happy Anniversary!

Jewels said...

They are ALL fantanubous (thats a Jewelism)Jo though I am partial to the young man with the bubbles LOL

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

WOW. Don't you just love those old ads from magazines from the 60s through the 80s? I try to buy magazines just for the ads. Love what you have done. Your art is so colorful and full of energy.

Of course, although I was initially drawn to the vintage art, I loved the two hearts you chose for your anniversary. Happy anniversary, by the way.

Andria said...

I love your koi and the beautiful bubbles...these cards are all so fun!

Virginia said...

Oh Jo they are fabulous, love the prom one, the anniversary one and the bee one - well I love them all but they are my favourites!

The Faerie Factory said...

Lovely work, particularly liking the bubbles and the love of books ones ~ Sarah x

SusieJ said...

Wonderful...all of them...lovely colour palettes and such a wide range of techniques.
Hugs xx
p.s. I also love your commentary ..

McMGrad89 said...

Whew. You have ben busy. I love that each card is soooo different. I will have to come back for some inspiration.

Monica said...

Great ICAD designs. Such a variety of media. I am sending this comment after reading your blog on Feedly where so far I find no way to comment in the feeder. Now Google Reader is gone I downloaded Feedly to my PC. and on iPad, Bloglovin. Feedly is favored by folks reliant on a good news feed for their livelihood and Bloglovin seems to have taken the hobbyists.
Time to run!!!

Sabrina said...

You are truly amazing and that's all I'm going to say today.

(OK - also my FAVORITE!!! is the (free?) card. LOVE. )

Terri Corona said...

Your title cracked me up. What a fun group of ICADs to look at! I'm really enjoying the ICAD challenge, even though I'm not participating, because of all the fun art eye candy you guys are creating!

BadPenny said...

Jo these are lovely. I especially like the heart, bee, trainers, beautiful Hope and Happy Anniversary one !

Dianne said...

A truly fabulous group of cards--I loved them all! congrats on your anniversary!

missy k said...

What lovely cards... I especially love the ammonites....

Karen x

Used-to-Bees said...

I love these! As I'm sure I've said before, the technical terms and methods are Greek to me, but I love the outcomes! The one of Hope, the vintage images and the anniversary ones are my favourites. Somehow your blog has not been showing up in my reading list (I've seen others are having such problems) so I missed Hope's Prom - didn't she look gorgeous? Her dress was lovely and she looked so happy with her friends.

Karen Isaacson said...

even though I've been seeing all these in the FB group, it's still such a treat to see them all together like this!

Miss Iowa said...

Your cards are A for Awesome! Wish I had gotten in on the ground floor with this. What will you do with them all when you're done (did you tell us that previously?).

Natasha said...

Oh my gosh. I love all of them, though I am still chuckling to myself over the dreamer! They are all so varied and wonderful. I love the simpleness of the last one - fantastic gelli print!

Carmen said...

Oh Jo I can't believe I missed this post! Thank goodness for Molly featuring you in her link love!

I love all of these - I hope you are framing them or having them on display?