Thursday, 27 June 2013

Where's my baby gone?!

It only seems like last week that I
was coming home from the hospital
with my beautiful newborn baby girl, 

And it only seems like yesterday 
that I held her hand as she walked into
 the reception class at infant school.

Well, last night I looked at my girl 
and realised that she's 
only gone and grown up!
She's 16 years old.

It was Hope's prom night last night.
It was the highlight of the Year 11's
year, and there has been much discussion 
about dresses and shoes and hair.

Hope's dress was prettily glass beaded 
throughout, with larger glass 'diamonds'
 to add a lovely sparkle.

Her shoes and bag were also sparkly :)

Unfortunately, Hope had friction burns
on her knees and elbows because she had 
been rather enthusiastic on a bouncy 
castle type assault course the day before :/

Hope had her hair styled at the hairdressers
(there's no way I could have done that!).

Having searched high and low,
I only found those hair clips in a local 
shop yesterday morning, phew!
Everything else had been 
too big and 'flashy'.

'Official' photo taken at the prom venue,
with Hope and some of her friends.
She had such a brilliant time and
came home on a cloud, happy, happy,

Hope and her bff Vikki.

Hope will be going to college in September
to study Art and Design for two years, 
oh lucky lucky girl that she is.

Exciting and scary times ahead.



misteejay said...

How lovely she looked Jo. I love the hair details - just fabulous.

Toni xx

marigold jam said...

Wow what a beautiful young woman! One minute they are babies and the next all gown up eh?

Leslie said...

They grow up so fast. Lovely girl, lovely dress. Great hair.

missy k said...

What lovely photos Jo.... she looks so pretty :)

Karen x

Susan T said...

Oh Jo these photos make me all teary. What a beautiful daughter you have ( she takes after her Mum of course) she looks like a pre - raphaelite beauty and the hair WOW fabulous. Yes it all goes so very very fast, it is lovely to see them all grown up,but when they were littlies, oh dear sniff.

ann hyde said...

They grow up so quick, from previous photos of yourself, I have to say HOW ALIKE you both are.

Gill said...

What a beautiful daughter you have!!

Virginia said...

Definitely a proud Mum moment, she looked absolutely stunning, not surprised you are so very proud of her Jo!

Monica said...

It does pass fast and you have to stop at everyone of these occasions and enjoy it. She looking stunning. The hair is perfect and the adornments just right. So pleased that she had a fine evening. best wishes for success in the future.

Jee said...

How lovely she looks. So glad she had a great time

Privet and Holly said...

J, she looked so
pretty and the hair
was really special!

Funny that here in
the US we keep our
kids in high school
until they are 18.....
My daughter leaves
for a university degree
in August. Not ready
for that, even though
I've had her for two
more years than you've
had your Hope.

Excited for them both!

xo Suzanne

Jewels said...

Wonderful pictures Jo and Hope looks fabulous...she looks very happy indeed :>

sugar Creek said...

What a beauty!

The Faerie Factory said...

Where does the time go, my son has Prom next Thursday and is away camping for his Duke of Edinburgh award at the moment. Like you it seems only the blink of an eye since I held him in my arms. Now he is a strapping lad ready to go to college. Your daughter looks beautiful her dress is lovely ~ Sarah x

BadPenny said...

Hope looks beautiful Jo. Gorgeous dress & hair. The whole outfit suits her and I loved the group photo to see all the dresses. Lovely x

Carmen said...

Gorgeous post Jo - she looked amazing (blimey she's like Phoebe - gazelle legs that go on forever!)

I know how you're feeling, it so strange isn't it?

Lenna Young Andrews said...

beautiful, very beautiful baby girl grown!! xoxox

Terri Corona said...

So beautiful! Gorgeous classy dress!

Printed Material said...

She's the spitting image of her Mum! Exciting times ahead. I wish her well.

Sabrina said...

Hope looks STUNNING! And my gosh, what a beautiful and tasteful dress! I'm use to seeing the girls in either hideous taffeta swirls, or the too-tiny version. Hope is clearly elegant through and through (and I love the scrappy knees to prove there's still a kid too).

I guess I've been reading all along about the art college, but it didn't dawn on me that might be going away from home! My oldest has 3 years now before college (most are 18 when they go) and that already seems like its too soon. I'm going to share a weepy, look-back at our babies moment with you!

Natasha said...

She looked stunning, and her hair!!! The dress was so perfectly elegant, and the hair accessories were perfect too. Wow. I am dreading seeing my babies get that big, years seem to whizz by at the moment. I can't believe my boy-child is nearly ten! You must be so proud of her!

Tan Kingston said...

A lovely post! (ref: 'where's my baby gone?') What a beautiful daughter you have (my daughter is same age so I totally know where you are coming from!) I wish her much luck with her art & design course. Indeed a lucky lady - she will have an absolute ball! x