Friday, 21 June 2013

WW Art Collaboration - Edgar Allan Poe


You might recall that me and a
group of friends on Facebook
(the FB:WW girls)
are collaborating in an art challenge.  

The next one to arrive was
Carmen's, and her chosen theme is
Edgar Allan Poe.
Carmen and Sami had already done
their sections and they are fabulous.

Top section: Carmen
Next section: me
Bottom section: Sami)

 I decided to go 'Victorian Gothic' for my section
- with a deep red background, 
heat embossed twinkly chandeliers, 
script, ghostly eyes of a loved one and 
the word 'Nevermore' (from the Poe poem).

(click on pic for bigger image)



missy k said...

this looks like a fun project Jo ....

love what everyone has done so far... those eyes are great!

Karen x

BadPenny said...

This is superb & I can't wait to see the finished work.
The colours are fabulous & moody.

BadPenny said...

Back for a second look. Who keeps the finished work - the one who sets the theme ?

Monica said...

Your embossing is really great. that is my next learning step to try and not have burnt offering , although it might fit a Poe theme. burnt bodies or a toast ravens!

Carmen said...

SQUEEE! Muchos happy clapping this side of the screen - Yep Penny it's mine all mine all mine! Mwuhahahahar! Oh I can't wait to get this home and have a drool over. It looks so lush!

Jo yours arrived here today - it's flipping gorgeous and... I think you and Sarah are channelling each other. Will say no more ;)

Terri Corona said...

Such a fun collaboration you're doing, and what a wonderful variety so far!

Virginia said...

Oh wow that was is looking fabulous!

Sarah said...

Looking goooood! And I like the fact you are all out of order, you crazy rebels you :-) I will be doing the final section on this one. Really looking forward to it!

Natasha said...

Wow! No wonder Carmen is excited. This is stunning. These pieces are going to be wonderful when they are finished.