Wednesday, 26 June 2013

WW Art Collaboration - Teal and Copper

 I'm slowly catching up with my
arty commitments
(Sharon, Lenna and Jewels
 - I promise I'm getting to yours!).

This is part of the 
FB:WW Art Collaboration Project
and the theme chosen by Sarah
Teal and Copper.
My section is the bottom one (layer 4).
Hmm, my teal (acrylic paint) looks a bit 
different from everyone else's teal.  
Funny word, teal.
The copper stylised foliage is heat embossed
and the 'found' postage stamp had the colours
I was looking for.  I also dry brushed a
little copper over the teal (but did too much
so then had to dry brush teal over the dry
brushed copper, doh!).

(My teal and copper section)
It's now in the post to Susie.



Monica said...

Tha,s good is your work on the house finished?

Paper rainbow said...

Copper and teal is one of my favourite colour combinations, very william Morris :) I like your section the best!

Sharon W. said...

I think I am beginning to start to get ready to prepare to commence work on YOUR swap!!!! tee hee...actually I am making progress with the concept. Finally I am liking the theme....

Virginia said...

Oh it's looking fabulous!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

this looks fabulous, Jo . . . what a cool project! Now please don't fret about the mail art with me & jewels, all in due time and I am not worried about it! ;D

Carmen said...

Ooh it's looking gorgeous. I wouldn't worry - I don't think mine is teal at all - had to mix it and I really have to work on my colour mixing!

Is that Sam's above? Aren't they all working together so well!

missy k said...

I love how this is taking shape... great colours .... love the embossing :)

Karen x

Natasha said...

I love those two colours together! This is looking fabulous. Teal is one of my favourite colours, now I want to go pair it with the bronze paint I never use.