Tuesday, 30 July 2013

It's a hard life but someone's got to live it.

A day in the lives of our
poor put-upon pets,
Small Cat and Rosie Mae.........

Small Cat is busy on site, keeping 
the building works on track.

Shouldn't you be wearing
 a hard hat?  
And have a stubby pencil
and clipboard?

Please be quiet, Mum.  
I'm trying to sleep!

Meanwhile, Rosie Mae takes
 her dad out for a run.

Come on Dad, keep up!

OK, I'll run a couple of laps 
while you walk.  What do you
mean, I'm 17 with a heart murmur
and should keep calm?
Dad won't walk himself, you know,
I've got to lead by example.

Phew, I'm really rather tired now!

From Small Cat and Rosie Mae,



Carmen said...

I'm jealous od Small Cat and Rosie Mae's Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's. I could quite easily flop in that grass and join them :)

Eileen said...

Small cat sleeping on the job!
As Alan Sugar would say "you're fired" !

Rosie Mae going for the four minute mile!
I hereby award you a gold medal !

ann @ studiohyde said...

I wondered about your building works, now I see it is all in good hands 'paws' :)

Tell Rosie Mae to ease off, humans need to catch their breath once in a while!

Natasha said...

:) Heart murmer? What heart murmur? Glad to see small cat has things under control, and the personal trainer is leading by example.

Leslie said...

In that last shot Rosie Mae looks kinda like an odd sheep with her shaggy coat and darker skinny legs sticking out below. Good looking cat!

BadPenny said...

Small Cat looks soooo relaxed and well done to Rosie Mae enjoying her senior years !

Monica said...

Small cats looks well and blooming., nice dog to exercise grant

Jewels said...

Yeah Rosie Mae and Small Cat - so glad you are keeping the humans in line LOL....

missy k said...

Glad to see Rosie and Small Cat are keeping things on track!

btw Small Cat looks an absoulute picture of health!

Karen x

btw thank you for your beautiful cardxx