Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Mail Art/Postcard Swap - Six Word Story

My two regular
 Mail Art and Postcard Swap
buddies, Jewels and Lenna
(Our little group is called 
We {heart} Mail Art),
recently swapped, with Jewels'
great theme of
'Six word story.'

Lenna sent hers first.....

(envelope front)
Very cool envelope, rubber stamped
(a lot of those stamps are Lenna's own design).

(envelope back)
(Swallowtale Caterpillars are on my parsley!)
 Great photo of caterpillars in Lenna's
garden, munching happily on her parsley!
The quote, 
"Life is always at some turning point" 
is very appropriate for these caterpillars, 
soon to be butterflies!

 Then Jewels sent hers........

(envelope front)
 Wonderful retro image on the envelope
of a happy wedding scene.

(envelope back)

(retro Anniversary card)
 Inside, there was a retro
Anniversary card.......

(She thought it would be different...)
....inside there was a fab image
of a bride with the dirty laundry and
a long suffering expression ;)
Love the colours, love the lettering, 
love the doodles.

I think most of us can relate to the
laundry blues!  How come a small pile of
laundry multiplies into a mountain of
laundry in the blink of an eye?!

Then, eventually, I sent mine
(and you would have thought that I'd 
remember that Lenna's Postcard had 
a caterpillar/butterfly theme, 
wouldn't you?!)........

(envelope front)
Butterfly image from The Graphics Fairy,
rubber stamped foliage.

(He began to feel rather odd)
Torn paper background, gessoed and tinted
with Distress Ink Dabbers.
Caterpillar image from The Graphics Fairy.
Rubber stamped foliage.

Such a fun swap!

I'm going to skip the next couple of swaps
with the 'We {heart} Mail Art' girls because
there is so much going on at home that 
I'm struggling to keep up with my arty
commitments, but I hope to be up and
running again soon.



Katie said...

Those are great- you know I love mail art! Your caterpillar is my fave!

Eileen said...

I really like all three, excellent!

missy k said...

Fantastic mail art Jo...

Do you have interesting chats with your postman - or does it all go over his/her head I wonder?

Karen x

Carmen said...

These are all gorgeous. Jo - when you use the Graphic Fairy images do you use them as transfers or printed straight to the paper? I love that big fat caterpillar. I think we can all feel the laundry mountain woes! And I love those stamps on Lenna's envelope - especially the one that looks like a snippet from a book :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

so much fun to find this post Jo . . . . and with all that is going on with your addition and new business and your family it is perfectly understandable that you forgot my earlier mail was on caterpillars! As I told you though, it was perfectly thrilling for me that there we were in 2 different places across the ocean from each other but on the same page. I love it!! It was a delight to find in my mail box.

Jewels & I will miss you but understand. Will work together again soon! xoxo p.s. I adore your new blog header!

Terri Corona said...

I love them all! What a great idea, a 6 word story. That bride holding all the laundry is great...

Jewels said...

I need to catch up with posting all the lovely goodies I have received lately. This was so much fun to do and I am definitely going to find another way to use vintage cards. Yours and Lenna's were perfect and I love them both (on my display board in my kitchen right now!) Look forward to swapping again soon...

BadPenny said...

I like the six word story idea. Great fun. Why is there always so much washing for just one night away ?

Monica said...

Get yourself sorted and see ya soon!