Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer of Color 2013 round up

Summer of Color 2013,
organised and run by the lovely
has come to an end :(

6 weeks of inspiration, encouragement
and enthusiasm makes this annual
challenge really rather addictive.

I'm so glad to have taken part
and to have managed to finish all
6 colour prompts, despite going away
on holiday half way through.

Here are all 6 2013 double page spreads, 
completed in my SOC Moleskine
(which is now finished and includes
SOC 2011 and 2012!).

(Week 1 - Turquoise and Citron Green)
A talented arty blogging friend, Sabrina
commented, perceptively, that she felt that
more of the 'real Jo' was coming out in these
SOC pages.  Spot on, Sabrina!  I have used this
challenge to work on my hand-eye coordination
and painting skills - and yes, reveal more of me
(as I am someone who can play their cards
 close to their chest).  

(Week 2 - Orange and Hot Pink)
(Week 3 - Purple and Lime Green)
(Week 4 - Pink and Charcoal Grey)
( Week 5 - Candy Apple Red and Yellow)
(Week 6 - Sage Green and Sepia)
 My sidebar will be wearing 
this badge with pride!

 And the best news?

Kristin has announced that 
there is to be a
Summer of Color 4
in 2014!

Why don't you join in?!



Kristin said...

Yay!!! WHAT a wonderful post! I love the fact that all three years are in one book and I love seeing your progression throughout the years.
Now, if you're comfortable with sharing your journal, I would LOVE to see you submit this to Somerset Studio or Art Journaling magazine! What eye candy you have here - and all in one little magical book. xoxo

Virginia said...

I agree with Kristin Jo - your journal is divine and really should be submitted for publication somewhere!

Sharon W. said...

I am pea-green with envy.....that's MY color this summer!!!!

missy k said...

I'm with Virginia and Kristin! Submit your journal!

Karen x

Carmen said...

Submit! Submit! Submit!

I love your journal so much Jo. It must be gorgeous to look through.

SusieJ said...

Hear, hear!!! Submit!!
I've loved the individual pages as you've shown them but together..wow! totally green with envy (and green is not one of my favourite colours).
Hugs xx

BadPenny said...

ooh I might join you next year !

Great to see all the pages you've created Jo. I like the little duck with hearts best !

ooh yes get your journal into print !

JansArtyJunk said...

Oh Jo, Don't they look just fabulous altogether, what a gorgeous journal of art!! Yes I agree your work should be in print, you are very talented!! :)
Jan x

JansArtyJunk said...

...and I love your new blog look too, Fabulous header!! x

daisy said...

It is lovely to see all the pages together in one post. I adore the paint tubes page as it has such dimension. You are so very talented.

Sabrina said...

While I love all of them, I LOVE, LOVE the final two images. I'm so glad you have the paint tubes close-up on your header. They are luscious!