Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Urbanis in Portugal

Family Urbani, including Grant's parents
John and Barb, have been back from Portugal
for almost a week, and I've finally sorted 
through the gazillions of photographs
to give a brief resume of our wonderful
week in sunny Vilamoura, Portugal.

(The Urbani 4 outside the hotel)
The weather was fabulous with
dawn to dusk sunshine, and lovely
warm evenings when we could sit
and eat outside on the verandah of our
favourite restaurant, looking out to sea.

(thanks for photo bombing the pic of Dad and Grandma, Luke!)
We spent plenty of time cooling off in
the pool, which was never too busy.

(Grant with 'Hope the parasite')
(Luke and Barb)
(John and Barb)
(Hope, the little mermaid)

This birdie foot imprint was in a tile
by the hotel pool - cute, eh?!

We went to the marina at Vilamoura,

and Luke chose the yacht he'd like to 
own (biggest isn't always best, son!).

.... and then he realised the camera
was out, cue silly pose :)

I really liked this wooden 'wall',
bordering a marina restaurant.

We went on a dolphin safari
in a speedboat, which was LOTS of fun
(Hope got soaked!!).

Unfortunately, we didn't see any dolphins
but we enjoyed seeing some caves 

(there was a little private beach through this cave)

and the beautiful coastline.
(Ship ahoy!!)
(The Urbani 6 in the hotel bar area)
The week in Portugal was perfect, 
lots of sunshine,
great food (fish and seafood especially),
lovely Portuguese people,
super hotel,
and precious time spent with family
making memories.

I would love to go back there again,
 one day.



ann @ studiohyde said...

Glad you had such a great time, it looked like a good time was had by all :)

marigold jam said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!

Monica said...

They really are great memory photos. Does this mean you did not make a Travel journal. You naughty girl!

Carmen said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos Jo. It does look a gorgeous place to visit. I love that bird print :-)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Lovely photos, it seems to me your family had a most wonderful time . . . my favorite photo is the family photo at the end, beautiful -happy! : ) And I love your spruced up blog look! Glad you have returned, I hope revitalized to finish the renovations : )) lenna

Jewels said...

Geez Louise I did not even notice the remodeling on your site till I read Lenna's comment LOL - to busy looking at the great family photos - so next time how do I fit your luggage so I can go to.....looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Used-to-Bees said...

Looks like the perfect break - lovely photos!

SusieJ said...

Sounds like a fabulous week and your photos are wonderful....happy memories.
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Oh it looks fabulous Jo! I love the wooden wall what fabulous textures, you all look like you had a fabulous time!

missy k said...

Wonderful photographs Jo.

I can't believe how much Luke looks like my dad! In the photo bombing shot and also the back view of him looking out to sea! Quite gave me a shock!

Thanks for sharing :)

Karen x

BadPenny said...

ooh it all looks wonderful. Hope is so like you & Luke so like grant !

I love your new look Blog & ducky with four hearts totally delightful.
welcome back xx

Eileen said...

Glad you had a fabulous holiday.
Lovely photos.

Terri Corona said...

Looks like a perfect vacation, and a beautiful area. So glad you had a great time!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You have a beautiful family and I'm glad your trip was perfect! I cannot imagine a more beautiful place to vacation!!

Natasha said...

Your family is gorgeous!! Love the bird print, and the private beach beyond the cave...magical. Looks like a most fabulous place to visit!! Gorgeous photos, all of them. :)

Glad you had a wonderful time and made so many memories. :) Your mermaid looks like she swims much better than my one that resembles a drowning mermaid.

Privet and Holly said...

Sounds like a heavenly
vacation and I'd love
to visit, some day! You
all look relaxed and loving
life in all of these shots ~
exactly how the perfect
holiday should treat you : )

Welcome home and hope
the laundry pile wasn't too

xo Suzanne