Thursday, 25 July 2013

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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I'm well over due joining in
with Virginia and her gang of
people counting their blessings
for the week.

I have finished working as a
Teaching Assistant.
Not just for the summer.
For.  Ever.
I have been working there
for 13 years, initially as a
1:1 Learning Support Assistant,
as we were called in those days.
Over the years my work has been
both rewarding and frustrating,
and I have met and worked with
some wonderful people, many of
 whom have remained friends.
However, it is time for me to move on
and work on my new venture of
upcycling furniture and finding pre-loved
items (other people's junk) and 
giving them a new lease of life,
before selling them on, to be 
loved again.

I will be launching
'Love Junkie'

My colleagues at school very kindly
gave me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.....

and vouchers for
John Lewis (which I'm thinking of
putting towards an ipad).

I was so happy to discover that an old
nesting box at the end of the garden,
which I thought was abandoned,
is now home to a sweet family of wrens.

We have a swingy seat within 8' of
the nest, and if we sit very quietly, she
flits backwards and forwards with
tasty morsels for her babies (I think
there are 2).

The hot summer weather has been 
very lovely, but a couple of cooler days 
has been most welcome.  I really enjoyed the
overnight storms of a couple of nights ago,
especially as Rosie Mae slept straight 
through them, as she is now deaf and 
almost totally blind.
(I can empathise with those readers who 
have pets that turn into jellies at 
thunder and lightning).

Game of Thrones.

We are late converts to this dramatic series 
because we do not have Sky.  
A friend kindly lent us 
the dvd box sets of Seasons 1 and 2,
and we're hooked!  
We've just finished them both and now we're going 
to have to wait until February when the box set of 
Season 3 comes out.  How are we going to cope
without the Starks and Lannisters??!!

More goodies from charity shops,
destined for treatment and TLC from
my alter ego, Love Junkie :)

The comments I received from my
arty blogger friends, encouraging me to
submit photos of my SOC Moleskine
to Somerset Studio.

I'm kinda thinking about it, although
the fear of rejection is holding me back.

I'll be linking with Virginia,
who always sets the best example and finds
an amazing list of positives from her week,
despite other rubbish of life being thrown
in her direction.



Jewels said...

Jo - first, any of your stuff is Somerset worthy!I have HBO and finished Season 3 a few weeks back. No spoilers but oh my, it just gets better and better.....wish I could help with your new venture - what fun!

Jewels said...

Oh and congrats again LOL - you know how green I am...

Virginia said...

Oh Jo it made me smile this morning to boot up my computer and see your Rocking post - grinning from ear to ear. Loving the photos you've added - how sweet is that wren! Also love you can sit on the swing seat quietly and watch! Can't wait to see what you start upcycling so giddy for you and a new chapter of your life - how awesome is that! We too were late to the Game of Thrones DVD's and still have to finish off the second series, however we've now got the 48 disk NCIS series 1-8 to watch so we've got sidetracked, plus said 12 year old can watch NCIS whereas he definitely can't watch GOT!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead!

marigold jam said...

Good luck in your change of direction - I am sure you will do well.

Eileen said...

Wishing you all the very best in your new venture. Love Junkie is a great name and I'm keen to see what you make and how you do. I'm sure your business will be a rip roaring success! We watched Kirsty's Fill Your House for Free last night and am seriously impressed what can be achieved.

You really should buy an ipad, I love mine and your flowers are so beautiful.

How lovely to sit and watch the birds. We have a cherry tree and I leave the cherries for the birds, they literally strip them bare. I keep stepping on cherry stones :-)

We haven't had any rain or thunderstorms here and it is still very humid. Glad Rosie Mae is doing OK bless her.

Husband loves GOT, I haven't got into it but we both enjoy watching Boardwalk Empire and am thinking about buying the box set of that. We somehow missed season 3 last year
and season 4 starts soon :-)

missy k said...

Great happies.... glad you are finally into GOT. Such an amazing series!

Congrats on leaving your job and the best of luck with LJ!

Karen x

BadPenny said...

You must have mixed feelings about leaving the school but excited about your new venture - wishing you great times ahead x

We didn't get any thunderstorms & I for one could have done with one !

The little Wren in the nesting box is a delight & I see that image being used in your journals - so glad you submitted to Somerset Studio. I was looking through their website at four am when couldn't sleep !

The Faerie Factory said...

What a wonderful lot of happiness, good luck with your new venture ~ Sarah x

SusieJ said...

Fingers crossed I can comment!
Yay!!!!! School's out forever!
Looking forward to seeing your upcycling.
I've watched the occasional GOT but it's not really my thing... :(
Beautiful sweet is that wren?
Hugs xx

Monica said...

Before you buy the iPad check out all the other equivalents. Apple anything has been touted to death my the Apple groupies and artsy farties especially those trying to pull the "me superior" stunt. IMHO it is over done. It is a whole new learning experience and relies on Google for many things. I guess the kids can really help you out with it otherwise you need access to an Apple Store where they show you you how to fix it (the it is usually me). My friend Dennis a Geek and Web page writer prefers Google and Samsung. When you get going in business you will require software like Quicken to run the business and prepare tax forms. They are all on PC. I am sure it is the same in UK just realized this is all probably redundant as you DH is a computer wiz. have you seen the recycled stuff on line I have to look up the woman I have followed for 5 years and send you her page. She sells at local fairs in Pennsylvania and on-line.

mamapez5 said...

What an exciting time in your life. A real change of direction, but well done for taking the plunge. I wish you well in your new venture.
You are so blessed to have a wren nesting in the garden. I would just love that. Do come and rock with us again. Kate x

Natasha said...

Good luck with your new venture. Sounds exciting and I am sure a little scary, go you!! :)

I love your nesting box, and how thrilling to know it is been used as well.

Game of Thrones...We have season two viewing now, I love it, and read all the books, so now I know what happens. It is actually one of those few series that closely resembles what I saw in my head while reading.

Sending you brave and fearless thoughts for new ventures and submitting your pages to Somerset. :D

Carmen said...

DO ITTTT! (Submit your SoC book!)

Congratulations on the start of your new chapter Jo. I cannot wait to see what you get up to.

The wren picture is so gorgeous, sounds so idyllic sitting there!

Have a great week Jo :)

misteejay said...

What a lovely week and what joy at discovering the little wren family.

I wish you well with your new venture - it sounds fabulous.

Toni xx

Lesley G said...

I'm a new Rockette too!!
Well done on taking the plunge into something new! Wrens are adoreable, I love sitting quietly in the garden to watch their behaviour.
I too had fear of rejection when deciding on whether to apply for DT posts - I took the plunge and got 3 in 3 weeks - GO FOR IT :)

Terri Corona said...

Congrats on your new venture - how exciting! And I agree you should submit to Somerset Studio - there's just nothing to lose. I've done it before, and the only thing is it takes a long time to get your submission back.

We love Game of Thrones too - so much happens in the 3rd season!

Sabrina said...

Saying "hi"! I am so excited for YOU with so many changes going on. I'm sure the finality of leaving work was one of mixed emotions. Just from the little items you've shared over the last couple of years it felt to an objective bystander it was TIME to be done. So good for you for recognizing that.

Now I've missed a couple of weeks of posts, so what is this grumbling about not submitting pics because of fear of rejection? Hogwash. You put it all there baby. Your time is coming and you HAVE to risk a little bruised ego. You are amazing and sooner or later, the right piece(s) will fall into the right place and all will be made right.

Wow, I admit I'm sounding sanctimonious (can I even spell that?) but you should do it anyway. There.

Looking forward to getting back in touch as the kids get back to school. I'm going to troll the blog right now to see if you've updated pics of your new studio while I was away.