Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Patrick Caulfield/Gary Hume Exhibitions and stuff

On Monday, Hope and I went to
Tate Britain to see the

I knew nothing about either artist so I had
 a totally open mind and no expectations
about what we were going to see.

Patrick Caulfield's artwork
was amazing.  He used large areas
of flat block color, with simple outlines.
By the 1970's his style developed to
include elements of trompe l'oeil - and
it was these paintings that I 
particularly liked.

I loved the mix of 'pop art' style artwork with
strong flat colours and simplistic shapes along 
with very realistic bits - as if it were an image
clipped from a 1960's magazine.

There were 5 rooms filled with his artwork,
from the 1960's through to his death in 2005.
Even at the end he was experimenting with 
new ideas, and was starting to include more
texture in his work.

Linked to this exhibition was 
Gary Hume's.
I don't really know why they were linked,
and I don't necessarily think it helped how I
viewed the Hume artwork because, to me, 
it just emphasised that Caulfield was in
a different league to Hume.

Hume was born in 1962, a whole
 generation on from Caulfield, who
was born in 1936.

Unusually, he paints almost entirely with
gloss paint onto aluminium and is
often very fragmented, abstract really.

The two pieces of artwork used to
promote Hume's exhibition are what I
thought of as 'the best',

but maybe not truly representative of the
rest of the exhibition.

(back of a snowman and baby)
The 'Back of a Snowman' was the same all the
way round, no coal for eyes, no carrot nose :(
- and 'baby' was really written backwards!

(Angela Merkel)
We both really enjoyed our time at the Tate,
and fell in love with Caulfield's artwork -
I remain to be convinced about Hume's but
I'm glad I've seen it all the same.  
It certainly left an impression!

If you want to see the Caulfield/Hume
exhibitions, you'd better get your skates on -
they close on September 1st.

We will be going up to London again soon
to see the
(is it bad I keep on singing 
this to myself?!)


(although not all on the same day!).

I spotted Small-Cat
welcoming the birdies to my
bird feeders in the garden -
strangely they kept away!
They're not as silly as she thought.

It's Luke's birthday today
and he's a long and lanky 19!

"Where's my cake?!"
Here he is at the age of 1,
bless his little cotton socks.

He'll be so glad I've shared this ;)

The house extension grinds on.
Just when the end is almost nigh we
go and decide to knock another wall out.
Why oh why couldn't we just leave it as
it was??!!

Today I am banned from the kitchen as
holes are being drilled, walls are being 
removed and huge and heavy lintels 
put in. I peeked in and saw the mess.
It will NEVER be clean 
and muck-free ever again!!!

Thank you for dropping by!



BadPenny said...

I hear these names but know nothing of the art so thank you for the taster !
Happy Birthday to Luke and as you might just see the end in sight for the building... I am just beginning !

Monica said...

A wonderful visit to the Tate. Renovation is almost as painful as building a house. it drags on and on and on

Used-to-Bees said...

Hi Jo! Happy Birthday to Luke - hope he had a great day and didn't have to wait too long for cake this time! (Cute photo!) Your exhibitions sound interesting - nice to have a day out. Good that the work is coming to an end - can really empathise with the kitchen mess thingy as we are about to sand the floor of ours today, and the whole house WILL be coated and in need of wiping down after!
PS Your blog hasn't been showing up in my 'feed' so sorry about my absence! Decided to just type the start of the address and saw that you have been there and I'd missed out!

Gill said...

Happy Birthday to Luke!
Glad I'm not the only one with a mess - we're pointing the north side of the house and the dust is everywhere!!

Eileen said...

I am so envious of your forthcoming visit to the Lowry exhibition, I would love, love, love to go to that :-) I suppose I love his work because I was born and grew up in Lancashire in the 50's. Can't wait for you to tell us all about your visit to that.

Happy birthday to Luke, hope he had a good day.

I sympathise with your kitchen mess, I simply hated having my new kitchen fitted, and it was not a fraction of the mess you are having to put up with.

Small Cat is very sweet. I'm sending love to Rosie Mae, hoping she is OK.

SusieJ said...

Fingers crossed I can actually leave a comment!!
I hadn't heard of those two artists either....agree with your take on them...
Poor Small birdies to chase..
I hope your extension is soon finished...don't envy you the mess. I'd offer to come and help but to show how useless I am at coping with parents saved decorating until I was away on
Hugs xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh dear Jo! (your extended extention!)
It will be clean again, it will be clean again (your new mantra) . . . xo Happy birthday to top son!

missy k said...

Interesting exhibition.... good to experience (new to you) artists.

Hope Luke enjoyed his birthday... he looks like he was having a very deep thought in this highchair!!!!

Don't worry it will all be over soon!

Hope you have a great weekend

Karen x

Lynn Richards said...

Loved seeing your artwork on the Brave Girls email today and finding your blog! I also enjoyed seeing the artwork you posted.

Carmen said...

I had to google 'trompe l'oeil'. See I learn stuffs when I visit here :D

I would've agreed with you on both exhibitions - I do love the look of Caulfield's work from the examples you've shown. Extremely jealous (as usual) about the others you are going to. Will look forward to your round up :)

Small Cat does make me laugh! And the birds too I shouldn't wonder!

Hope the mess is not SO messy now ;) Have a good week Jo x