Saturday, 24 August 2013

Show and tell.

What with the extension grinding on,
and life speeding by ever faster, I haven't
been paying much attention to my poor 
little 'fiddlesnips', and I also haven't been
able to keep up with a lot of my favourite
blogs - so if I haven't been dropping by much
recently then please accept my apologies.

I've got really rather a lot to share with you,
both creatively and life-ily.

Firstly, the latest installment
of the art collaboration I'm doing with
my FB:WW friends.

This one was started by Virginia
and she chose a red and black theme.

With these collaborations, I've found it
more difficult when others have done their
bit and then it gets to me - I get over-
whelmed by their ideas and talent, and
self doubt starts to creep in :(

Anyway, this is the strip I did -
a Gelli print background, heat embossed
rubber stamp Leonardo da Vinci 
'Vitruvian Man' image, black paint
splatters, and rubber stamped quote,
"Imagination encircles the world."

Hope received her iGCSE results this week.

8 A*'s and 4 A's.

She is one happy girl, especially as it meant she
could hold us to our promise of an iPad
(hmmmm, that seemed like a good idea at the time!!).
The thing is, the media drone on about how exams
have been dumbed down but I can honestly say
that Hope has slogged for 5 years to get these
results - and her iGCSEs were a darned sight
harder than my 'O' levels.

(the symbolic burning of the books!!)
I receive 'Daily Truths' from
encouraging emails which I find
 supportive and empowering.
They often stop me in my tracks and
make me think - about ME.

I submitted one of my 'birdie' artworks
to accompany one of these Daily Truths,
and this week it was used!

It made me very happy :)

I have just finished reading a book
sent to me by Alix.

I really enjoyed reading it;
it's just a great story and a
 perfect holiday read 
(it would make a super film too)
but I won't say anymore than that in
case I spoil it for anyone else who
is either reading it or about to start.

Thank you, Alix!


Luke got back safe and sound 
from a trip to Cologne.

He was accompanying a friend to a
big GamesCom event - and because Luke's friend
has a YouTube channel (about computery technical 
stuff) they got Press passes, but it was still
hideously busy with many hours queueing
for lots of the new games :(

The good news is that, being in Germany,
Luke tried sauerkraut and bratwurst -
and loved it :)

Some time ago, I took part in
Pay it Forward
when I asked for artwork from a blogger friend
in exchange for me sending out artwork to
5 other blogger friends.
You can see what I did HERE.
Carmen's life then got really
rather busy.  Not only did she have 3 children,
but she moved house.  And not only did she move
house, but she had another baby (I know, she's mad).
But the girl did good and she recently sent me
this gorgeous textured canvas.

I have tried taking photos in all sorts of light,
and none of them do proper justice to the
depth of colour and texture - this is the
best I could get, and it is NOT good enough.

There's a better picture,
along with Carmen's review of
Acrylic Solutions,

Thank you so much, Carmen -
it was well worth the wait ;)

Lastly, for those readers in the UK,
WHSmiths are doing a special offer at the moment.
With the purchase of ANY pencil case
(ranging in price from £1)
you can purchase a set of
24 Sharpie fine tip pens for £6.99
(usually £19.99).

As anyone who has bought Sharpies before 
will know, this is a GOOD DEAL!
I'm not sure how long this offer is on for,
so take advantage of it asap if you want them!


OK, enough already!
Thank you for sticking with me.
Once the extension is completed
and life returns to normal
(what is 'normal'?!),
I hope that I will be able to
keep up with my blog, and yours, 
on a more regular basis.

Bye for now,



Eileen said...

Very well done to Hope on those terrific GCSE results (I don't know what iGCSE means by the way, I did the old "O"levels!)
Maybe she will let you share her new iPad!

Well done to you too on your birdie artwork, I'll check out the Daily Truths, sounds interesting.

Hope life returns to normal for you quite soon :-)

ann @ studiohyde said...

Congratulations to Hope on her Exam results, yay and phew! isn't it good when that is done with :)

Monica said...

It's all happening. I have read you bog and posting and FB and can see you have a rich fun filled life as well as all the "life" stuff. Recovering from my birthday foray to restaurants and tastings near to home. Nothing compared to CA.

missy k said...

Such a lot to take in!!!!

Huge congrats to Hope, what a fantastic achievement and glad Luke had a fun and safe time away.

Well done for having your artwork on the Brave Girls page too...

and for everything else :)

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend - hasn't rained here... yet!

Love to you all

Karen x

Jewels said...

LOL Jo - there seems to be lots of us out there having fun with the real world (I was just wondering how your reno was doing) We can't all be online all the time (though I for one appreciate when you do drop in). I'm actually looking forward to hunkering during the cooler days (but only slightly) as I think I may actually get back to being a little more productive! By the way I LOVE your red and black piece - seemed very fitting to me.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Jo! Its been fun to stop by and see what you're up too--Looks like there's a lot of great fun in your corner of the world--And from my corner a big congrats to Hope! :-)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

not to worry JO, so glad to hear from you and with much good news! Congrats Hope and Luke is looking happy & relaxed. The extension plods on as they do and we will understand if life keeps you away from blogging for now! Get back as you can and we will keep the fires burning : )) xo

BadPenny said...

I've been thinking about Hope as friends' daughters here received their GCSE results - many congratulations Hope !
I love these joint art projects you gals do & love this ones colour scheme.
My Pay it forward gift from you sits in my dresser & I see it & smile every day xx

Susan T said...

I had to pop in - Well done Hope beauty and brains ( she must have got them from you) Love the Leonardo - esque artwork. Paddy would have loved to go to that Games thingy - sadly as a student no dosh. I will write I promise I think of you often. Hugs and kisses from

misteejay said...

Well done to Hope on her results and good for Luke trying some new foods.

Your red & Black art strip is lovely but I can understand how you felt trying to come up with something when faced with the art of the other folk.

Wow, super canvas from Carmen.

Have a great weekend.
Toni xx

Gina said...

Well done Hope... clever and beautiful!

SusieJ said...

A lovely, happy post...
You have two good looking and talented children.. :)
You already know I love your birdie that was used by Brave Girls and wow....Carmen's canvas is awesome...lucky you.
Hope you're having a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Linda said...

Oh my ,there is a lot here and I know I won't get thru commenting on all of it but...first-congrats to Hope on such a great accomplishment-awesome!! Love the book burning. And what a great experience for Luke-love the tee! Collaborations sure can be both fun and yes, intimidating at the same time but that red and black is wonderful! I'll have to check the Brave Girls thing-congrats on your featured art. Happy weekend!