Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wisley Sculpture Trail

Last week, Hope and I went to Wisley Gardens.
Making the most of the lovely late summer
weather (where has it gone now?!), we took 
a picnic and our cameras.

I had totally forgotten that the 
was on, what a bonus!

I took photographs of some of the
sculptures (not all, as there are 65) and
have tried to give them their title and 
the name of the artist.
Apologies for the few artists' names 
I don't have.

Leaping Tiger by Linden Hamilton

Tiger tail by Christine Close

Territorial Streak by Teresa Martin

Cloud Garden I, II and III by Adam Aaronson

Alder Tree by Mark Reed

Arbour Metallium by Mark Reed (modelled by Hope!)
Saved by Michelle Castles

Winged Torso by Kathy Shadwell

Spanner and Caliper Dancers

Ammonite Slice

Sadako by Hazel Reeves (sadly, this sculpture was damaged)

This lovely bear, situated by a running stream,
 is not part of the trail, he is always at Wisley :)

Horse by Gilbert Whyman

Reaching for the Top by Gerda Rubenstein

Large Poppies by Allan Mackenzie

(my favourite) The General by Margaret Samuel

Twooo's Company by Harriet Francis

Henry Ponsonby Smythe by Patricia Sindall

Hedgehog by Jonathan Wright

..... and more......

Wood Woman by Andrea Evans

Hare by Jacqueline Darnell

Ready for Action by Anna Pohorely

Scaling the Heights by Linden Hamilton

Robin on a Fork by Alison Catchlove

Concavity by Margaret McSheehy
Phew -
that's a lot of pictures!

It's difficult to choose a favourite sculpture
out of all of them on display, but if pushed I 
would say 
The General by Margaret Samuel.
Beautifully placed by a pond, this old
dog sits quietly, pondering.

Which one, if any, would you choose?



ann @ studiohyde said...

Wow! that looked like a great day, wish I could get to see it too.
I couldn't choose a fav. I liked so many of them :)

Eileen said...

They are all fabulous.
OK I like Ready for Action, The General, The Hare and the robins, the owls...nope I can't choose!

missy k said...

I'm not a huge fan of the animal sculptures but I do LOVE the trees and 'Reaching for the Top' appeals.

Good day out though :)

Karen x

SusieJ said...

What fabulous sculptures...I couldn't choose just one..
Hugs xx

Carmen said...

Tiger Tail, Scaling The Heights, the big snowdrops and... The General - he reminds me so much of our old dog Gypsy. She was part Irish Wolfhound part Pippin dog (we don't know how either!) What a great day out :)

Virginia said...

Reaching for the Top I think is my favourite but I like the winged torso too! I love sculptures and these are fabulous!

Terri Corona said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour! What a lovely day it must have been. The dog sculpture was my favorite too.

BadPenny said...

These are such fun ... I like the cat !

Used-to-Bees said...

I still haven't been to Wisley (half an hour away) which is a bit shocking! As soon as I saw The General I thought he was the one I would have liked best, though the swooping owl is a close second. Bet the start of term with no 'back-to-school' feeling has been good!

firstnightdesign said...

Phenomenal collection. Thank you so much for sharing your photographs. So many favourites but as I write, it's the Spanner and Calliper Dancers that have stuck in my mind.

Jewels said...

Wow I really enjoyed looking at these - I could never pick a fave!

Monica said...

Your posts are not showing up on Bloglovin. So I came looking. What a fab way to spend the day.