Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Storms, Paul and Victoriana

Well, we survived Monday's storms with little
damage (just lost a fence panel that had been
crying out for help anyway).  However, very sadly, 
a local 17 year old girl died when a large tree fell
onto the caravan in which she was sleeping
(her parents are renovating their home).
Poor kid, her whole life ahead of her.
It's so sad.
Hope and I went up to London 

First of all we went to
Tate Modern
and saw the exhibition:
Paul Klee - Making Visible.

I previously had minimal knowledge
and understanding of Klee's work,
and could only bring to mind one or two 
colour block patchwork pictures, so it
was really interesting to see such a large
exhibition dedicated to his artwork 
throughout his whole lifetime.

We loved watching how his style developed
and changed, taking in the influences of
good painter friends and the changing 
environment (born in Switzerland, he moved 
to Germany after he married, but returned 
to Switzerland when Hitler came to power, 
and his artwork was labelled 
'degenerate art' by the Nazis).

There are 17 rooms of artwork (phew!),
each artwork one displayed for full effect.

The exhibition is open until
9 March 2014, and, as I
thoroughly enjoyed it,  
I can recommend it!

We came out and took a couple of 'selfies'
with the River Thames behind us;
the first one, we were talking and I wasn't ready
for Hope to take the photo, but has a great 
background of St Paul's Cathedral and the 
Millenium Bridge...........

and then this one; 

the sun has totally bleached 
the background but at least we look as though 
we're having a nice time :)

Anyway, we walked across the Millenium Bridge
(or the Wibbly-Wobbly Bridge as it is
affectionately known, due to 'issues' encountered
when it first opened, when people suffered with
motion sickness due to the bridge's unfortunate 
swaying movement caused by them walking!).
It was very windy and really rather chilly, 
so we didn't hang around on there for long!

We then found the
and visited

What a treat this was!
This exhibition examines Victorian revivalism -
taxidermy, paintings, pottery, printing,
symbolism, steampunk etc - and
then 28 contemporary artists have made 
modern interpretations of the Victorian theme.

The exhibition was really quiet, so we were
able to spend plenty of time looking at,
and talking about, each piece.

It was fun, inventive and unusual and
is open until December 8th 2013
(my birthday, ahem!).

We really enjoyed it and I would recommend it -
it isn't a very big exhibition so it's probably one 
to see in conjunction with something else.

We will be going back to the Guildhall Art Gallery;
we want to investigate the Roman amphitheatre,
as well as some Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

Apart from being really busy with life,
the extension, my new furniture business
(which is still in the very early stages)and 
our joint business (as Distributors for 
sucked into watching Breaking Bad
on Netflix.

Oh My Goodness, what an incredible
programme.  Now we have finished it 
- all 5 Seasons -
and every last emotion has been wrung 
out of us, we are left drained and bereft.  
Only those who have watched it 
will understand!

Thanks for dropping by and catching up with 
what's happening in my little part of the world,
I've missed you.



Jewels said...

I would have LOVED to join you to see those two exhibits - I really envy you being able to hop into London so easily! And the pic of you and Hope "bleached" is fun....I never started watching Breaking Bad - if I ever get a chance I guess I will have to give it a try lol....

Eileen said...

Glad you're OK and survived the storm without too much damage. Tragic about the young girl, can't imagine what her poor parents must be going through.
I would have enjoyed the Victoriana exhibition too. Yes, I've walked across the wobbly Millenium Bridge with my son although I haven't actually been in the Tate. I'm a bit envious (as always) that you can do these things so easily!
Great pics of you both.

missy k said...

Sounds like a busy but fun time!

The Victoriana exhibition especially seems really interesting. n I love things like that.

Karen x

Monica said...

Look like great exhibits and you shared a good time. You must be very busy.

Linda said...

so glad you only had minimal storm damage! Those exhibits sound fantastic- so much art to enjoy! Great photos along with London's backdrop. I don't think I'd have attempted that bridge...

Terri Corona said...

Oh my goodness, did you do all the Breaking Bad seasons all at once? You poor thing, you must be a wreck! But real life will assume meaning again, I promise! (Speaking of emotional wringers, have you been watching Homeland?)

Sounds like you and Hope had a wonderful museum day, I'm always so jealous of your proximity to London museums!

Carmen said...

I'm so glad you didn't say more about Breaking Bad. It's a series I want to watch but we've suspended our Netflix account for now so will have to save it for when we get it back!

I was just reading about the Klee exhibition today - it does sound good and I love the sound of the Victoriana one.

I've missed your bloggy posts too - but saying that I am mega behind on my reading and thought maybe I'd missed loads. *Phew*

BadPenny said...

We've missed you too Jo. Love reading your reviews of what you & Hope see & I love the second selfie !!!
Don't know of that series - are you watching the very scary David Tennant three parter ? I know you like him !

Privet and Holly said...

Love the selfless!

My entire family
has seen Breaking Bad
except me. (All watched
on their own time table,
on various devices...) On
my must-do list : )

I adored my Art History
classes in college. If I
could go back and take
an advanced degree--not
worrying if it would lead to
employment--it would be
Art History, for sure. How
lucky to have such awesome
exhibits to attend!

Happy Weekend,
xo Suzanne