Saturday, 16 November 2013

Charity Shop Find

As most of you will know, I
am an avid charity (thrift) shop hunter.
I can spend hours in them -
clothes, books, jewellery, curios, 
the more bent and buckled 
the better.
Missing an eye?  
Yes please!!

I have to admit that the negative side of 
this activity is that it feeds my 
(please note: I don't steal, 
I merely 'collect'.  Alot.)
and Hope has taken to forcing me to 
watch those hoarding programmes 
on the television.......... 

.....nodding at me sagely when the 
hoarder is unable to let a broken 
umbrella leave the house.

As if.

I'm not that bad.

Really I'm not.

But I do know that it has got a little bit
out of hand and so I have been trying
to be a little more selective about what
comes into the house.

But I couldn't resist this, 
and who could
blame me?!

It was just £5.95
(approx $9.50).

17" x 15"
this is an oil painting and
on the back is a little label to say
that the artist is 
Miss P E Ford,
giving a local address
and the place she had painted is
Itchingwood Common, September 1986
(local to here).

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I can't find any information online 
about Miss Ford so I imagine she is/was 
a (very skilled) amateur artist.  

It's so lovely, and looks perfect on
the sitting room wall.
It reminds me of where we usually 
take Rosie Mae for her run.

Meanwhile, the decluttering continues.
I'm sure I'll need that broken umbrella
one day, wouldn't you agree.............?!



Kristin said...

Hoard away my friend!! You never know what you'll need at any given time for some special, yet-to-be-determined project :)
But I get the mess - I have a bit of an issue with it myself ;)

Virginia said...

Oh bless you Jo, decluttering when you are a hoarder even if only an amateur is so hard - hope you continue to make progress. Loving the painting!

missy k said...

What a special find... how great that it is so local to you.

Enjoy away :)

Karen x

Tan Kingston said...

Aww… I think this is a lovely painting, Jo and I sooo don't blame you for picking it up. Equally lovely and resounding that it depicts where you and your dogs walk! As for hoarding, if I was you, try not to fight it too hard. You never know when you might just pick up that treasure. Looking forward to seeing you on the Antiques Roadshow in the not too distant! xxx
;) ...

Jewels said...

Don't think of yourself as a hoarder but rather as a responsible parent collecting items for your children's inheritance - who knows, your painting could be worth millions by the time you kick the bucket LOL... conversely, you've just added something else they will need to deal with when the time comes (I shudder every time I look at my parent's basement)

Jo Murray said...

Collecting stuff is such fun, but it can get out of hand. I've been putting off de-cluttering myself. Perhaps after Christmas.

BadPenny said...

Those programs about hoarders make me smile; the curators of their collections can not part with anything however broken.

What a wonderful find Jo; no wonder it had to come home with you !

Privet and Holly said...

I love a great find like this.
This painting is NOT junk.
How lovely that you tried
to find out about the artist.
I wonder how her painting
ended up in the thrift shop?
(For me, it is always the
story behind the item that
is the most intriguing!)

Happy Monday, and happy

xo Suzanne

Terri Corona said...

I share your tendencies, and would be nothing but disappointed if you hadn't snapped up that sweet painting!