Sunday, 3 November 2013

Edenbridge Torchlit Procession 2013

I thought I'd share just a few photos 
from last night's torchlit procession through the
streets of Edenbridge, my home town.

Hope took the photos (she was further 
along the route with some friends) 
and I think you'll be able to tell that 
she is a huge fan of Doctor Who!

Here we have 'David Tennant' as the 10th Doctor
(Hope was very impressed he even had the 
'correct' sonic screwdriver for the 10th Doctor).
Also 'Colin Baker', as an earlier Doctor
(don't know which, Hope will be disgusted with me!).

a well behaved Dalek came too....

....and a cyberman. 

We remain unassimilated!

From Pirates of the Caribbean there was 
'Captain Jack Sparrow' he was brilliant -
he stayed totally in character 
and was having such fun.

Now I'm not sure who these fellas were, 
but they looked great all the same.

There was a fantastic drumming group, 
numerous floats, bands and dancers.

The rain stayed away and the gales
failed to arrive which meant that the
firework display could go ahead,
which must have been a relief
for the organisers.

Firework nights have become a lot
less stressful for me now that Rosie Mae is
blind and deaf - she is no longer petrified
by the loud bangs and flashes because she
can't see or hear them. 
We'll be keeping Small Cat in as a 
precaution, and Clifford and the
Poppet and Pimple are already set
up in the conservatory for the 
winter months!

Bye for now,



Alison Blake said...


Thanks for the awesome photos, this was our entry autism all stars and we had a brilliant time, the guys in the photo you wasn't sure about was from the video game 'halo'


Joanna said...

Hello Alison, thank you for dropping by and commenting! My daughter told me who the 'halo' guys were but I had forgotten, doh! xx

missy k said...

Looks like a fun event.... especially without the rain!

Karen x

Virginia said...

Oh I was about to tell you they were Halo characters, my brother made his own Halo costume a few years ago which is why I knew. Loving the photos Jo - fab stuff.

Carmen said...

Colin Baker! Haha! I thought that was an old dear giving David Tennant the eye! Whoops! The David Tennant fella is very good - I had to enlarge the pic and still wasn't sure if it was really him.

Devon is really in to Doctor Who at the moment - she tells me she wants to buy ALL the dvd's dating back to the originals. I told her SHE would be funding it!