Tuesday, 19 November 2013


It was Hope's birthday yesterday.
She was 17, 


Grant and I have bought her 
driving lessons (starting today), 
and Luke bought tickets for all
four of us to see........

at the BFI IMAX
in London.

What an amazing cinema!

Built on a roundabout
over an area previously frequented by
London's homeless community, the cinema
boasts the biggest screen in the UK.

The film was shown in stunning IMAX 3D
and the sound was equally amazing.

Gravity stars
Sandra Bullock
and George Clooney

and is incredibly tense.
We all really enjoyed it.
It is a very different type of film,
and with the benefit of 3D and brilliant 
photography, the viewer feels part of it
(or was that just me?).

This is a superb film, and I
award it 
on my 'Joanna Scale'.

ps I NEVER EVER want to go 
to space.  Just saying.


Grant and I are going to the cinema
again tonight - we have free tickets to see
the new Tom Hanks/Emma Thompson film
about Walt Disney, 


I'll be back to let you know what it's like.



Terri Corona said...

I loved Gravity as well, although I didn't see it in a big IMAX theater like that. I announced as we were walking out of the movie that I was canceling my plans to explore a career in space. Wasn't Sandra Bullock amazing?

I've been excited about Saving Mr. Banks as well, looking forward to seeing what you think.

Eileen said...

Belated birthday wishes to Hope.
I wish her well with her driving lessons, what a lovely gift. That was the best thing my parents ever did for me, so well done you.
Fabulous cinema and nice of Hope's brother to treat you all.

BadPenny said...

Hope 17 ? Happy Birthday xx

I heard that you feel you are IN the film Gravity.

Jess & Joe are off to see the second Hunger Games tomorrow. I wanted to go but have caught a lurgy & would annoy everyone coughing through it !

We all enjoyed Now you see me ... well worth hiring x

Carmen said...

WOW! Now that's a cinema (where did the homeless people go and how on Earth do you get in if it's on a roundabout!)

Mmmm... still not sure on this one. Not sure if it's my cup of tea - the adverts aren't really selling it are they? But then... the Joanna scale says 10 and I trust the Joanna scale...

missy k said...

That IMAX cinema really looks impressive.... Livi said I best not go and see Gravity given my 'lost in space' phobia! Maybe I'll try from the safety of home when it comes to Sky!!!!

Great Birthday Treat from Luke though for everyone :)

Love the Disney shadows... I've heard lots of good things about this film.

Happy Birthday to Hope.... and the best of luck for her driving lessons.

Karen x

Karen x