Saturday, 9 November 2013


Grant and I went out on a date
yesterday afternoon.
Back row of the cinema, if you please.
(There's life in the old dogs yet!).

Anyway, what was the film we watched?

starring Judi Dench (UK's unofficial national treasure)
and Steve Coogan (aka Alan Partridge)
as the two main characters.

Well, what a super film.

Based on a true story (sadly)
the film follows two mismatched people 
on a journey of discovery.
Totally heart rending, surprisingly funny
(there are some superbly brilliant lines 
delivered by both actors)
and mesmerising, there is no CGI (thank
goodness), just a story about people,
relationships, justice and injustice. 
It's much more moving than the film 
poster (above) would indicate.


On my very subjective 'Joanna Scale'
I award 'Philomena' 10 out of 10.



marigold jam said...

I've read the book and hopefully the film didn't go into quite so much detail about the son's sexual exploits? Otherwise it was a brilliant story and I intend to see it myself. Sad to think that such things went on so short a time ago.

missy k said...

I really want to see this one! Glad to see you gave it a 10!

Hope you are having a great weekend... already looking forward to Winter Wonderland :)

Karen x

Monica said...

On our list to watch. Not heard of it here. JD is a favorite.

BadPenny said...

Yes, I want to see this. Sadly have seen an awful film about the " laundries "

Printed Material said...

Going to see it on Friday Jo and more keen than ever after reading your review. Sadly, at our age we shall need to sit a bit closer to the screen so no back row stuff for us. How lovely to describe going out with your husband as a date. Romance is alive and well and living in Kent!!

Terri Corona said...

I haven't seen it advertised here, but I'll be on the lookout - I'm a fan of them both.

Carmen said...

Judi Dench can do no wrong in my eyes. I wanted to see this from the adverts! It does look so good. It's weird seeing her with colour in her hair!