Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Saving Mr. Banks

I subscribe to
and as well as finding out about
all the new and upcoming films,
we sometimes get offered free preview
tickets at special screenings.

Last night Grant and I went along
to Tunbridge Wells Odeon
and, sitting in the Premier seats, watched

At the opposite end of the spectrum
of Gravity, this is a charming film.

It is set in 1906 and the 1960's,
and follows the true story of
Walt Disney trying to persuade
the author of Mary Poppins, 
Mrs P L Travers,
to allow him to produce a film
about the story.

Tom Hanks plays a very determined
Walt Disney

and Emma Thompson plays 
an equally determined Mrs Travers.

As brilliant as both those actors were,
they were almost put into the shadows
by the young actress, Annie Buckley,
 playing the young Pamela Travers.

Colin Farrell played her charismatic 
but deeply flawed father.

Grant and I were enthralled by 
this film and felt enriched for
having seen it.  We had no idea
how resistant Mrs Travers had
been, nor how determined Walt 

Joanna scale score?
Another 10/10!

If you go and see, be sure to
wait through to the end of the
credits because there will be
a wonderful piece of 
original audio - of Mrs Travers
being, well, Mrs Travers!



Terri Corona said...

Ooohhh, I can't wait! This one looked so good to me already, but I didn't know it went back to when she was a girl, much less that Colin Farell is in it (love him...)

Sharon W. said...

your two recent film "reviews" have been great: both films are on my list for viewing. I do always like to sit to the very end of credits, so as to give the "best boy's" mother someone to sit with!

Carmen said...

I haven't heard a single thing about this film but it is something I would definitely want to watch - it sounds so good!

Monica said...

Really enjoy your reviews. A movie to see.

missy k said...

I'm always so behind with films.... this one really appeals and I still haven't watched the Alfred Hitchcock one yet.

I do love their shadows!

Karen x

Eileen said...

Nice that you give us film reviews.
One to watch out for.

Janet said...

I think your film reviews are great and enjoy reading them very much. We have such a long way to go to get to a cinema and your reviews certainly sort the wheat from the chaff!

BadPenny said...

This looks so good especially having Emma Thompson & Colin Farell in it x

Tan Kingston said...

Wow! What a recent film fest Jo! Love your reviews and wonderful snippets and photos. I love Emma Thompson's films - that one sounds a must see! Txx ps. am with you on the 'space' thing though - my idea of sheer terror!

Luna Art said...

So good to pop by your blog after my very long absence from Blogland!
I can't wait to go and see this film. I watched the documentary on BBC2 last night about P L Travers and it was very insightful. I still have the three Original Mary Poppins books from when I was a little girl and they are one of my treasured possessions.