Thursday, 14 November 2013

Time for a confession

I'm not proud of what I'm
about to tell you.
I don't know why I did it,
maybe I just felt that I was
suffering with it so why shouldn't 
she suffer with it too.

'It' is my addiction.

I know that some of you suffer
from this particular addiction, and
we all reassure ourselves that it's
ok,  that it's normal.  We don't expect
others to understand or to cope well
with the messy aftermath 
(particularly husbands/partners).

But I have now done the inexcusable;
 I have introduced my drug of choice 
to an innocent.  To one who was happily 
living her life in her beautiful home,
with her lovely husband and daughter.

Their lives will never be the same again,
and for that, I am (a little bit) sorry.

I introduced Tan (aka Booksy) to the
world of the GELLI PLATE!!!

Tan has lots of experience of other forms
of printing, and indeed has formal training.
But she has never experienced the 
instant gratification of a Gelli print.

She and I had such a fun morning getting
painty, messy and very gelli-fied.
Print upon print was produced, and tossed
onto the ever growing pile.

She's hooked.  Totally hooked.
Just like I knew she would be.

And then I did a cruel thing.
I packed up my paints, roller,
stencils and Gelli plates and left.
Took them with me, and just
left her there, wanting more, 
needing more.  Just like I
knew she would.  Initially she
said she'd be putting one on her
Christmas Wishlist but within hours
her resolve was wavering and I'd be
surprised if she lasts the week.

Edit: She lasted 4 days; she just
Facebooked me to let me know 
that one is on order :D

I really think a Gelli self help group 
needs to be set up.  Although I
suspect we'd all turn up with our
Gelli plates under our coats, paint in
our pockets, and paper ready to start

Here are some of my favourite prints 
from the morning....

(using corrugated cardboard)
(using a handmade stamp made out of corn plasters)
(using a handmade stamp out of felt carpet
protectors, and a foam leafy stamp)
If you click 
you can read Tan's account of our
morning and see her very first Gelli prints.
Poor love, she has no idea what she's
got herself into :)



BadPenny said...

Oh what fun you both had... I see an epidemic !

Carmen said...

I'm sat here really admiring the corn plaster effect! That in itself tells me we both have a problem! :D Love that you are a corrupter... an evil one at that! I loved her teabag print! I haven't tried that yet! Or corn plasters!

Printed Material said...

Jo, I'm surprised at you! You've always seemed such a nice girl... but I realise you have a cruel streak.... I resist the Gelli Plate but do love to see what others do with it. I watched a film earlier on Jane Davies 'collage journeys' blog about making stencils with a hot glue gun and then using them on the gelli plate. Go take a look... and then tell Tan!

missy k said...

Ha ha :) This is how these things start to spread!!!!

I love what you have created Jo.....

My Gelli Plate is looking at me hopefully from its shelf... hoping to come out for a bit of messy play.

I am tempted but I have yoga tonight!

Soon though :)

Karen x

Tan Kingston said...

All I can say from our blissful morning full of 'gellification' is I shall never EVER want rehabilitating from this addiction Jo! :D

Reading through your lovely readers' responses it seems there's a whole world of wonderful ideas out there with Gelli Art. And I'm very excited to be part of it and look forward to others' fab creations. Thanks lovely! xx p.s I might even try and convert my hubby. You never know?! I live in hope ;)

Joanna said...

Converting hubby? I wouldn't hold your breath, Tan!

'Gellification' is now my word of the day :)


Terri Corona said...

LOL! You gelli-pusher you! Good thing you're an ocean away from me.

Tan Kingston said...

Nah! Think you're right! Trying to convert hubby is a step way too far!! ;)

Virginia said...

Oh I wondered where you were going with that - giggling so much!