Saturday, 2 November 2013

Vintage Christmas Fair

Hope and I popped along to
Penshurst Village hall in Kent, 
this morning
(about 15 minutes drive from us)
to have a look around the
Vintage Christmas Fair.

I was able to briefly say "hi" to the lovely 
Sara Jane from 
I was recently one of her lucky winners 
having been picked out in a draw simply 
for completing a questionnaire.

I won some wonderfully packaged chocolate
(I haven't yet tasted it because I haven't been
able to make myself tear open the wrapping 
but Sara Jane has tried it and confirms 
that it is delicious),
and a year's subscription to 
'Pretty Nostalgic' magazine!

Today, I bought one of her wonderful 
crocheted poppies, with all profits going 
to the Poppy Appeal.

Sara Jane makes wonderful things, many
of them from vintage silk and fabric maps
from WW2.  Pop over to her website for a
look - and remember, Christmas is

I was also pleased to say "hello" to Tan, 
from the blog Booksy.
I have been 'following' Tan (that sounds a bit
creepy!) since I stumbled across her blog 
fairly recently. She is SO clever, using books that 
would otherwise be destroyed.  
Pop over to her blog and have a look.  
She is also on Facebook,
and told me today that she has just opened an
account on Folksy (no details yet).

I bought a great picture from a stall 
(I failed to take their name, doh!).
It's a print previously used in a school
(I remember having pictures like this in
my 1960's classrooms) and still has the
drawing pin holes where it would have
been pinned to a display board.  It's quite big,
around A3 size'ish, I think.

I loved the colours, image and it's title,
"The Surprising Starfish".
It doesn't look terribly surprising to me but
maybe it's about to burst into song or
bake a cake!

It's going to go in our 
shower room, and I'll pick out one 
of the colours from the picture as inspiration 
for the rest of the room.

We also stopped to have a chat with 
who makes wonderful bags from retro 
and retro inspired fabrics and sells other fun
and colourful goodies.  She also happens to be
the mother of one of Hope's previous school friends
and it was lovely to see her again.

Sadly, we didn't have much time to 
hang around because we had someone 
technical booked in at home to do 
computery-type things (can you tell I 
don't have much idea what it was
 all about?!), so - passing by the
delicious looking cakes and tea -
we did a quick trolley dash 
and then went home.  

We had fun with our
Halloween pumpkins this week.

I did 2, the little ones on the 
left and right hand side of the picture, 
while Hope did the big brute in the middle :)

We didn't have many trick-or-treaters,
6 or 7 groups I think,
but those we did have were all very cute, 
very polite, and with great costumes - 
usually with a grown up waiting by the gate, 
just to make sure everything was ok.
It was fun.

Tonight, it is the 
when all the local groups and organisations
are invited to decorate a 
lorry/tractor/flatbed truck/etc, and themselves,
in anyway they wish, and then drive through
the town, past the end of our road.  We usually
go and have a look and throw some 
coins into the passing buckets.

Later on, there is a firework display.
Every year, someone unpopular
is chosen to have a massive effigy made,
and that is then burned, to
much applause and cheering.
This year it is the turn of the
odious and self-opinionated

We will be popping to to our friends
and neighbours, Barry and Susan.
Food, drink and good company,
what a lovely way to spend 
a Saturday evening.

Wishing you a lovely 
Saturday evening too.



Tan Kingston said...
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Tan Kingston said...

Hey Jo, sounds like you've had a lovely Saturday, although a busy one! And I hope you are now having a lovely relaxing eve. I'm shattered (!) and destined for Bedfordshire in a mo. Before I do though, just to say, it was an absolute delight to meet you 'my follower' ;) today and I'd love to have time to have a cup of tea and chat with you at some point soon. You are one interesting arty lady!

Thanks also for giving me a mention! I long to gain a few more blog followers like yourself, meeting likeminded folk.

That stall you mention by the way is 'Handmade & Vintage' . She had some great stuff! Do let me know if you fancy that cuppa Tx

Tan Kingston said...

Sorry - I posted the comment twice hence one deleted. I'm really not brill on these sorts of things!

missy k said...

Sounds like a really great day....

I'll pop back later to check out the links!

Karen x

Monica said...

Hard writing while under cat attack. I know all those places from when i worked at Lingfield Hospital School, oh so long ago.