Friday, 13 December 2013

A Few Advent Cards

Not wanting to bore you with a daily
Advent Card,  I thought it better to do
a catch up post with a few cards together.

December 7th 2013: 'Love'.
Gold acrylic paint background,
patterned tissue paper heart,
black neocolor II for grunge.

(Gary Barlow)
December 8th 2013: 'Gary Barlow'.
Gary Barlow in a Santa Hat.  That is all.
It was my birthday and all I wanted was
Gary Barlow in a Santa Hat.  
This is the closest I got ;)

Actually, I had a lovely day, and
along with my lovely family,
some very good friends
spoilt me rotten.

I didn't get Gary Barlow though.

December 9th 2013: 'Noel'.
Neocolor II,
white gel pen,
faux stitching.

(Winter Wonderland)
December 10th 2013: 'Winter Wonderland'.
Gesso background,
Neocolor II,
White paint pen,
Grey Sharpie.

Hope and I went up to London's
Hyde Park to the
We met up with Grant's Mum (Barb),
his sister (Karen) and 
her lovely daughter (Olivia).
We enjoyed the stalls,
admired the ice sculptures in 
the Ice Kingdom (brrrrrr!!), 
the hot chocolate,
mulled wine (mmmmmm!!)
and went on the Wheel for 
a super view of London.

(Olivia, Karen, Barb, Hope, me)
Afterwards, Barb treated us all to a 
delicious meal in Yo Sushi 
(Hope had wanted to go there for her 
whole life, so she was very happy).
What a lovely day us girls all had.

December 11th 2013: 'Bauble'.
Black gesso background,
blackboard paint,
Neocolor II,
gold acrylic paint .

We haven't got our Christmas tree yet.
I went out with Luke to get one but they
all looked a bit sad, so we came 
home treeless.
I did, however, buy some baubles from 
the 99p shop to go on the two little 
Christmas trees that live in pots on
either side of our front door.
They said they wanted to get in on 
the excitement, too.

That's all for now.
Thank you for dropping by -
pleeeeeease leave a comment,
I love to know who's visited :)



Jewels said...

I dropped by - they are all wonderful. I only put a very small tree this year as I have been "rethinking" my ornaments (I used to big into bears but that has changed)

Linda said...

love the variety of advent cards Joanna- and the group photo is so lovely and festive!!

Monica said...

it really looked cold. so glad you had a great birth day;

Eileen said...

I missed your Advent cards and was worried that something was wrong!!
Belated birthday wishes to you, glad you had a lovely time.
Maybe you'll get Gary Barlow in a Santa hat in your Christmas there's a thought to mull over :-)

Virginia said...

Loving all these Jo - particularly like the one of your trip with family - beautiful card and it sounds like you had a fabulous day!

BadPenny said...

Just lugged our Christmas tree in !
You all look happy at Winter wonderland; so glad you enjoyed your birthday after horrid bug.
Great group of cards.

missy k said...

Really loving your index cards... We had a brilliant day with you and Hope at Winter Wonderland and Yosushi!

Love K x

Terri Corona said...

Ooohh, a Hyde Park Winter Wonderland - I'm so jealous! It's a balmy 68 degrees here now, and doesn't feel, or look, nearly enough like Christmas!

I'm loving your Advent Cards, I don't even know who Gary Barlow is, but that made me laugh! And I especially love the Christmas ornament for some reason, so simple and really well executed.

I hope you find a tree soon!