Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent Card - December 4th 2013

(the holly and the ivy)
My Advent card for
December 4th is about one of
my favourite
Christmas Carols - 
The Holly and the Ivy.

Gesso background,
sketched holly and ivy
tinted with Inktense pencils
and the holly is lightly glittered.



missy k said...

I'm loving your index cards. Such a sweet idea.

Your new header is gorgeous - such a pretty Christmas shelf :)

Help! I've not got any decorations up yet! Where is the time going?

Love your atcs!

Karen xxxx

Gina said...

Very pretty! I like your new header too.

Eileen said...

One of my favourite Christmas Carols too. Lovely card.
I am really enjoying your Advent cards.

SusieJ said...

Love it Jo...that's one of my favourite Christmas songs too. xx

Monica said...

Very pretty and I have to agree with Missy about the Christmas shelf. is the extension finished?

Terri Corona said...

Really love this one, and your darling shelf too! I'm so impressed you've set yourself a daily art task in December!