Monday, 23 December 2013

More Advent Cards

Rather remarkably I have managed
to keep up with my self imposed 
Advent Card challenge
(I'll post the last couple tomorrow).

I'm aware that artistically they're not
exactly amazing, BUT this challenge has
made me do something creative every day
and so, for that reason, it has been a
success for me :)

(Coffee with Friends)
I managed to catch up with a couple of friends,
dashing from one venue to the other!  
But it was worth it.

(Christmas Jumper Day)
On Christmas Jumper Day
(when it's cool to be really cheesy),
Hope nabbed mine for the day, typical!
It has a Christmas tree with pom-pom
baubles.  Fun (and very cheesy!). 

(Mince Pies)
This is the ONLY time of year I will
eat mince pies - a mince pie 
is just for Christmas!

Today was the annual viewing of Elf
in the Urbani household :)
It is the best Christmas film ever.

(The Christmas Tree comes home)
Luke came out with me and helped me
choose a Christmas Tree.  
It is the BEST Christmas Tree we have ever had.
It remained naked for rather a long time
and finally got decorated at the end of the week.

(Hope's Presentation Evening)
We returned to Hope's old school for
her iGCSE presentation evening.
The guest speaker was 
what a breath of fresh air she was
in the fuddy-duddy atmosphere of
the very old fashioned school :D

(2nd Class Post)
Last day for mailing with 2nd Class postage
(I missed it, of course).

(Hair Cuts are expensive!)
Hope and I both had our hair cut -
yikes, paying for it 
brought tears to my eyes!

(Decopatching my head)
I haven't yet finished Decopatching my head
(well, not MY head, you understand, but a
paper mache reindeer head!).
I'd better get my skates on or it won't be
ready in time for this Christmas!

(I am a Taxi!)
Hope was invited to a party 
and she really wanted to go
but it was in a place inaccessible 
by public transport
(added to which, she was going dressed 
as the Joker from Batman, 
so might have attracted
some unwanted attention).
Grant was working so it fell to me to act as 
the taxi.

In the pouring rain and buffeting wind.
An hour there, 
an hour back, 
an hour there again to collect,
an hour back.

She had better be grateful 
for the rest of her life.

Thank you for reading, 
I'll be back tomorrow with the last of
the Advent Cards.

ps I am trying to decide between two
online courses to do next year -
Life Book 2014 
Soul Food.

Any opinions?


ann @ studiohyde said...

Love your Advent cards, looking forward to seeing the others. As for your online course next year...(and bear in mind I haven't looked them up) just going on instinct and FOOD sounds like a winner to me, lol :-)

Monica said...

Love those cards. I signed up with Joanne Sharpe.

Eileen said...

I've enjoyed your cards this year.
I hope you're not suffering too much from the bad weather.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. Slow down and have a rest over the holidays.
Soul food sounds good :-)

SusieJ said...

I love them all fun and quirky.
I like the sound of Soul Food too.
Hugs xx

missy k said...

Your index cards will be beautiful happy reminders :)

Karen x

BadPenny said...

A wonderful stack of Advent index cards to keep.

Happy happy Christmas dear Jo & looking forward to a 2014 meet up xx

Karen Isaacson said...

fun to catch up on your cards - they are such a nice way to capture the small sweet rituals of the season.

Carmen said...

Oh I love these cards. What an amazing Mum you are to do that taxi run!

And sorry, but I have to correct you. Scrooged (with Bill Murray) is the BEST Christmas film in the world. THEN Elf ;)

mandy w said...

Hiya! great blog - love it!