Friday, 20 December 2013

Stamp People Postcards and Mail Art

The We {heart} Mail Art girls
have had another swap,
and this time Jewels suggested the
theme of Stamp People.
Jewels had seen some on Marion's blog
and Beth's and they looked fun to do :)

I found two stamps that were
suitable  and then searched for 
suitable bodies for them!
I was lucky to find an image that was
ok for both stamps.......

So this is what I did for Jewels, 

(The Red Posse)
adding Mr Lenin to make up 
'The Red Posse'!

And the accompanying Mail Art;

(any excuse to drag out the Gelli plate!)
In hindsight I wish I hadn't done the white 
gel pen doodling around the fellas, 
but we can all be 
wise with hindsight, right?!

Look at what Jewels sent to me;
Her wonderful postcard;
there are so many layers, I love it!

She explains it all beautifully on her blog,
(along with the one she made for Lenna).
And this is her fab Mail Art.....

Lenna will be joining in with the swap
but her home is in the middle of building works
(oh boy, can I relate to that!!), 
so she will be delayed.

This is what I did for Lenna - 
same fellas, but this time I introduced 
**drum roll**.........

(All The President's Men)
Mr Eisenhower!
They are now
'All The President's Men'.

And the Mail Art.....

(Grrr, more regretted gel pen doodling!)
This was another fun swap to do.

Right, I'd better get back to my advent cards
and to Decopatching my reindeer head
(that sounds a bit weird, I know).



Jewels said...

Wahoo...I especially liked how you "inserted" mr. lenin's head on mine LOL...

SusieJ said...

Love them both!!!
Hugs xx

missy k said...

Oh what fun your stamp projects look.

Ha! Do you have the decopatch bug? I am contemplating doing our doorbell!

Karen x

Terri Corona said...

What a fun idea - this is my first exposure to stamp people!

And I hope we'll get to see a pic of this reindeer head you speak of when it's done!

Monica said...

And I thought they were Scotland yards finest!

BadPenny said...

This is great... I was thinking Buch Cassidy etc for the image. Such imagination !

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Oh, this was so nice to see! Just sorry mine was not there with both of yours! But our kitchen renovation really had my energy diverted elsewhere . . . I am aiming to get mine finished by January!! What Jewels did for me was different and so this was awesome to see. I love what you did for me Jo, and laughed when I saw "all the President's men" !! : ) thank you....

Eileen said...

They must be such fun to do.
The reindeer head sounds intriguing!

Linda said...

this is going to be so much fun for you all-great theme!