Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Railway Man

Grant and I had more free cinema tickets
and this morning we watched a preview of

This is a brilliant film,
based on the true story by
Eric Lomax 
(played by Jeremy Irvine and Colin Firth),
who was a British Army Officer
sent to a Japanese prisoner-of-war
camp in 1942.

His experiences of war were shockingly harsh
and he endured dreadful treatment including
violence and torture.
Subsequently, he suffered dreadfully with 
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but
as post war Britain maintained a
'stiff upper lip' about such things he
continued to suffer, taking it out on his
new wife (played by Nicole Kidman).

The main focus of his memories is a young
Japanese interpreter,
Nagase Takashi
(played by Tanroh Ishida and Hiroyuki Sanada,
who took part in the torture sessions.

(The real Eric Lomax and Nagase Takashi)
The story that follows is totally enthralling;
it tells of choices made, revenge, redemption, 
forgiveness and friendship.

This film is very harrowing, moving and 
emotionally draining; all the more so 
because it is based on truth.

We will be reading the book......

OK, it's time for my Joanna rating -
and it's got to be another 
Grant said it's the best film he's 
seen for a long time.

The film is rated 15
which is due, I would imagine, 
to the violence and scene 
of torture.



missy k said...

Great review Jo... Another one to watch. There have been so many good films out recently. Karen x

Tan Kingston said...

Corr, this sounds quite a film! Thanks for highlighting this one Jo. Not convinced I could watch it though (!) so the book would probably suit me better - I am a complete wuss when it comes to watching anything gruesome! I have just finished reading 'Winter in Madrid' by CJ Sansom a book you may enjoy which is not dissimilar and would make a fab film too!

BadPenny said...

Oh that looks powerful. Not easy watching but wonderful actors to tell the story.

Eileen said...

This is definitely one I would like to see and will watch out for.
An old film now, but one of my favourite films about the war and based on a true story was The Pianist about a Polish Jew who avoided the Nazi death camps.
Thanks for your review.

SusieJ said...

Like Eileen I loved The Pianist and also Schindler's War.
This one sounds brilliant but I think I'm too emotionally fragile for it at the moment. Thanks for your honest review.
Hugs xx