Thursday, 16 January 2014

Handmade Art Journal and One Liners

This week I've been working on
Soul Food's Lesson 4.
The teacher was Gracielu Howes
and I loved all the
inking/painting/smooshing/stitching stuff.

I was also really rather clever because
I didn't have the right sized papers and so
had to scale all the measurements down.
My feeble Maths CSE (Grade 1) skills came 
to the fore and hurrah, much to my 
amazement, I triumphed!

(Soul Food Handmade Art Journal)
Inside, there are 5 signatures
(go me using the correct technical term!),
each one having it's own inked and 
painted cover.

I finished off the cover with a
photobooth style quartet of selfies,
showing what I thought were various emotions.
Hope, however, said they look more like various 
stages of insanity, which although a little harsh -
is probably accurate.

The crystal heart and key, charity shop finds,
are attached to the thong-thing tie.

I have also done Life Book's Lesson 3, Part 1.
The teacher is Carla Sonheim, and she has 
started us off with drawing using one single,
continuous line.  This really should be very
simple; and the idea is you're not supposed to 
think about it too much.  However, I tend to use 
many strokes when I sketch, so this was 
quite tricky for me!

(Life Book, Lesson 3 Part 1)
Giraffe, flowers, elephant, bicycle, house.
My favourite is the 
long-leggedy-neckedy giraffe.

I'm looking forward to doing Part 2 next :)

Thank you for looking, 
see you again soon!



marigold jam said...

What fun it looks! Love the book with its signatures each one different.

Maggi said...

I LOVE it...and the selfies are pure genius. Now, I'm off to look up what "signature" means in this context. lol

Jewels said...

Oye I LOVE how your journal turned out (signatures and all you clever girl) and your pics are a line drawings yeah that would be a challenge for me too...

missy k said...

Your 'selfies' are hysterical!!!

Love your journal, going to make a start on my signatures tonight... I was side tracked yesterday! Such a scrumptious colour palette.

I think you took your pencil for a walk very nicely!

My fave is the giraffe who looks like he is looking backwards :)

ps ordered my CL tickets :)

Karen x

BadPenny said...

Love your photobooth photos !
I like your long legged giraffe.

SusieJ said...

Loving the selfies and had to laugh at Hope's comment..just the sort of thing Nick would say to have no respect these
What a brilliant book! I should know what signatures are...memory fail. The heart and key are a sweet touch to the thong-thing tie (see I can use technical terms too!).
Great drawing too - I may have to give that a try...cute giraffe btw.
Hugs xx

Eileen said...

Your journal if great, love the selfies...that take confidence!
I love your giraffe too!

Virginia said...

OMG I adore that book - it's gorgeous! Loving the selfie styles of insanity - (I like that), also loving the giraffe!

Fabulous stuff, can't wait to see what else you do.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love seeing what you are doing Jo -looks like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing with great pictures and selfies!! :^D

Linda said...

Love the book esp. the photo booth shots-what a hoot! Your one line drawings are really good- I had a similar lesson in my drawing class and it is hard!

Printed Material said...

Like everything you tackle, that book is a triumph Jo. I adore the richness of the pages. I think you've cracked this! Now make more.....

Monica said...

Hope might have something . Interesting project

Terri Corona said...

LOVE your journal, isn't that the best feeling, finishing your own homemade one? And the selfies, what can I say, you should have been an actress!

Used-to-Bees said...

Catching up with your last few posts! Your new organisational regime sounds and looks like a most fruitful one - lots of fab artwork (and I bet loads of stuff you do in your timetabled ams and pms, which maybe we will get to see soon?) I especially love your Art Guardian. Lucky you seeing David Tennant in Richard II! Am intrigued by the thought of the milk-less pudding. Hope it wasn't semolina!

Kristin said...

Ooooh, HOW cool! I bet you and Missy K have so much fun talking about your art and classes. I JUST got my seat for Life Book, so I can't wait to give it a try - your line drawings are so so cute!
AND your pictures! You had me at selfie! I love the 3rd one down . . . xoxo