Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Night with David Tennant.

Family Urbani went out on Monday night,

We went to 
The Barbican in London to see 
The Royal Shakespeare Company perform

I booked the tickets back in July
and they sold out very quickly - 
possibly (probably!) because the lead role
was played by David Tennant.
Wow, what a production!
I didn't know the plot of this play, prior to 
going, but had no difficulty following it.
Mr Tennant's characterisation of Richard II
was wonderfully effeminate, with his 
beautiful clothes, polished nails and 
further enhanced by his long, flowing locks!
The acting from the whole cast was 
outstanding, and both humour and pathos 
was brilliantly portrayed.

I hadn't been to the Barbican before
and I really liked the wide, open stage and
comfortable, spacious seating.

We all enjoyed the play
(although Luke was suffering a bit from a 
head cold and might have nodded 
off for a while) and we were quick to join 
the standing ovation at the end.

My night with David Tennant -
shared with quite a few other people ;)

Thank you for your advice regarding my 
Soul Food/Life Book dilemma.

I finally made my decision this morning
- and signed up for both!
Grant encouraged me to do both,
in spite of, or maybe because of,
the fact that he won't see much of me
over the next year because I'll be
so busy arting in the conservatory.
Maybe he's looking forward to the peace 
and quiet and unhindered viewing of
football on the tv!

Wishing you all a
happy and healthy 2014!



Jewels said...

You brave brave girl - hope there is time for Mail Art swaps in between lol....So wish I was much closer to decent theater here (we do have some but hardly a big selection or decent slurpies)... :)

Eileen said...

Wishing you a very happy and productive New Year!

marigold jam said...

Great night out!

BadPenny said...

The play sounds wonderful Jo. Happy New full of crafting Year ( if I get our office repaired & done up, I'll join you ! )


SusieJ said...

Happy New Year Jo!
So pleased you enjoyed your night with David.. :)
It's not a play I know either but you make it sound wonderful.
I hope to join you in a craft filled year.
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Oh Jo I said you'd enjoy it - Mr Tennant at his finest and it's a great play too!

Loving the fact you opted for both - hope it provides lots and lots and lots of Creativity!


Monica said...

TV is a wonderful invention to put hubbies in front of and go off to do your thing. They notice you are not around when they want feedings and seem unable to find anything in the refrigerator without aid.

ann @ studiohyde said...

You are lucky to be able to go to shows like that from where you live. Glad it was so good. Happy New Year to you all :-)

Missy Myzdamena said...

Fwoaaarrrrr...super jealous :-D

missy k said...

Your theatre trip sounds fun.

Hope Luke is better now.

Both classes look like they are going to be great :)

Karen x

Carmen said...

I bet it was an amazing night! Love the pictures you posted - he's such a good actor!

trisha too said...

Wow. Have to admit, I'm a lil' bit jealous--that must have been amazing!

Pretty much the whole family watched the PBS airing of the Macbeth with David Tennant, among a whole cast full of fantastic actors.

It was, well, only awesome, that's all!

Happy New Year to you!