Monday, 6 January 2014

Starting as I mean to go on

My word for 2014 is

I like to make best use of my time,
but can easily fritter it away, 
flitting from one thing to the next
often without achieving much.

So 2014 will be about sorting myself out
and, without being anal about it, 
developing my time management skills.

This will come in handy with the two new
online classes I have signed up for.
And I know it's early in the year,
but so far, so good!

Lesson 1 at Life Book 2014
had Tam teaching us to create our own
Art Guardian.

(My Art Guardian)
Prior to this we were invited to meditate,
during which our own personal Art Guardian 
would apparently make him/herself known.
Well, the first time I tried it I suddenly remembered
the dinner needed to be taken out of the oven.

The beautiful moment was lost!

The second time I tried it Luke walked in the room,
closely followed by Grant.  They were trying to be
quiet by whispering and creeping around, but again,
the Art Guardian failed to emerge.

So I gave up on the mediation and just followed 
Tam's lesson, creating someone I'd like to 
have near me, encouraging me to create
and silencing my inner critic.
We'd had a lesson on using colours 
and I decided to use just blue
and white as my colour scheme.

She's emblazoned with my 2014 'word',
reminding me to ORGANISE my time.

At Soul Food the first lesson was with
and she encouraged us to have fun
with layering.

(My Girl, Lollipop!)
This involved a very different way of using
the Gelli Plate, which I really enjoyed.
I learned to not get too attached to any
particular part of a background, but go with
a gut feeling.
The lollipops to the right were from the original
Gelli print and started off as a small forest of trees, 
but somehow developed into a small forest 
of lollipops!

I'm not quite sure how that happened :D

I'm not sure how much I like my girl 
- although I like her more than I 
thought I would -
but I LOVED the process!

OK, that's it for today.
According to my new timetable I must 
now go and attack the ironing pile whilst 
watching Lesson 2 of Soul Food on my ipad.
I'm not sure how well ironed the shirts will be!



marigold jam said...

Good luck with it all - sounds like something I could do with learning too as I seem to fritter my time away and achieve nothing. Look forward to hearing how you get on.

Sarah said...

blimey you've been busy!

Love your first face, I have seen a couple like this popping up over the web (I think they look like they have just applied sun screen and are just about to rub it in :)) - there must be lots of peeps doing the workshop maybe?

I think they look ace.

I like your second lady too although she looks a little more solemn. Nice Christmas jumper :)

Eileen said...

Organise sounds like a New Years resolution to me, so good luck. Your reminder is lovely, so that's where I go wrong, I quickly forget and not sure I'd stick to a timetable!

Carmen said...

My word is the exact same! :D :D Except with "tion" on the end ;) Organisation!

I figured if I could organise my time, the housework, my space, my internet use better then I would have more art time! Craig is relishing his job as the internet police cutting me off in my prime each day!

I love both your figures. Your art guardian looks so serene and I just think your Soul Food girl looks such a little mix - might be all that sugar from the lollipops :D

Virginia said...

Oh you sound busy busy busy hun, glad you are enjoying your new classes and getting organised - love your art angel and your lollipops gorgeous!

Janet Clarke said...

Wow I am seriously in love with your Guardian :) those 2 courses look like fun I will have to investigate x Happy New Year xx

Monica Smith said...

Any thing to get going. Meditation is not family oriented. You GA looks like she will do the job.

missy k said...

Great work Jo...

Such different styles but I love them both.

Good luck with 'Organisation' for the year ;)

Karen x

Terri Corona said...

I love both your pages, and can related to your choice of word - I haven't even gotten myself organized enough since Christmas to decide if I want to take any online classes, much less create any art!

Jewels said...

Lol good start to the new year Jo! Please come on over and organize me while you are at :)... Both your pieces look fun though I must say I really like the second one - still have not fallen in love with my gelli plate yet...

Linda said...

well I certainly can see your enthusiasm for your classes-your art is fantastic!! They sound like great classes. I'm taking two classes in tandem and boy there's nothing like doing that to keep you on your toes-and yes, more organized :)

Kristin said...

Oooh, these are amazing! I LOVE love love your angel - she's so soft and her eyes are so alluring and kind. AND it looks like Soul Food is a winner too - I know I still need to sign up for LB for sure, thanks for the further inspiration. GREAT word too ;0 xoxo

Tan Kingston said...

I like your lollipop lady Jo! And I think the lollipop trees are fab! You had me laughing at your attempts to tune into your inner angel/being/priestess what with reality taking over an' all. Hubby, kids…oops - dinner in the oven! Lol! Loving what you're up to! Very inspirational :) Txxxx