Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Candy Girl

The next Life Book 2014 class was with
Marieke Blokland
and I had far more fun with it than I
thought I was going to.
Marieke encouraged us to exaggerate
the facial features and to play with
proportions.  So I did :)

Working on a 'sweetness' theme, I gave my
Candy Girl some sweet icing hair, with a scattering
of sprinkles and, of course, a cherry on the top.

Going round my head the whole time was
"Sugar, Sugar" 
by The Archies
so I added the lyrics to my Candy Girl.

Oops, showing my age there!



Virginia said...

Oh that's fab!

BadPenny said...

Love that song & love your groovy chick too ! What fun you are having Jo x

missy k said...

She's a gorgeous 'Candy Girl' Jo.

Her little outfit is so cute.

This was such a fun lesson :)

Karen x

Monica Smith said...


Linda said...

well I'm showing my age right with you candy girl! I remember that song very well :) LOVE your candy girl inspiration-she's brilliant!

Jewels said...

Dang girl we are both sharing our age - been humming this all through dinner LOL - Fab piece...

Terri said...

Oh your Candy Girl is fabulous! I love her! "Sugar Sugar" used to be so hip! lol! I've enjoyed seeing it again. Thanks!

SusieJ said...

She is gorgeous Jo!!
And, showing my age, I didn't need to watch the video...I remember all the words.. :(
Hugs xx

Carmen said...

She is so much fun. I love her lips and eyes! :D

Printed Material said...

I love the way you throw yourself into your art Jo. Your passion and delight shine through. All was going well until I watched that video. If it made you feel old, it made me feel ancient!!

Terri Corona said...

LOL! That girl has got it going ON! How fun...

Eileen said...

I know the words too. Will have the song in my head all day now.
Your candy girl is very sweet.