Friday, 21 February 2014

David Hockney at Dulwich

It was half term this week and
Hope and I had a lovely trip to

(image source)
to visit the 
David Hockney, Printmaker

(image source)
I'm very partial to Mr Hockney's
artwork and really enjoyed looking at
his etchings and lithographs.

I really must do some homework 
about how etchings and lithographs
are achieved - it was explained
at the exhibition but I still didn't
understand it, duh!

We REALLY enjoyed this exhibition.
The Dulwich Picture gallery is a charming
venue with lovely staff and, apparently,
a cafe worth visiting (there was a queue when 
we were there and we didn't want to wait).

Afterwards, we drove up to Crystal Palace
(which is where I used to work) and I wanted to
show Hope some of my old haunts
(Karen, I showed her Joanna's!) -
and then we stopped for a delicious lunch

(image source)
We had what must be the best burger EVER!
They also serve beautifully prepared fresh fish
with the minimum of tinkering to maximise the 
wonderful flavours.

The decor was very cool, with stripped
brickwork, chunky wooden tables 
and industrial lighting.

(image source)
The staff were lovely too.
Hope and I really enjoyed our meal there
- and it wins the 
5* Urbani Recommendation!

Meanwhile, Grant was at home looking after 
poor old Luke who has, once again
(3rd year running)
got Glandular Fever.  
He has been so unwell with 
the worst infected throat I have ever seen.
The Doctor warned us to be prepared to get 
him to A+E if his throat got any worse, as 
he might find it difficult to breath/swallow.
Unfortunately, the prescribed antibiotics have 
been totally ineffective and he's been 
advised that he is unlikely to 
be feeling any better for some weeks.
He has already been off work for nearly
3 weeks and I would say he's going to be
off for at least another 3.

Poor chap :(

I think he, along with the rest of us, 
could do with some
Spring sunshine, right?!



ann @ studiohyde said...

That sounds like a really good exhibition - I find DH's work fascinating - watched a TV prog. recently about him. Sorry to read your son is so there anything they can do to stop this recurring? Here's wishing him the best and that he will be better very soon....ann

Used-to-Bees said...

So sorry to hear Luke is so unwell. I remember my sister having glandular fever and it was horrid. Do hope he gets better fast! Your trip sounds very cultural - a lovely treat for you and Hope.

missy k said...

Poor Luke .... GF is no fun :(

Hope he is soon better.

Your day out however sounds LOTS of fun! Joannas (sigh) ... I can't hear 'I was working as a waitress ... by the Human League' without thinking about it! How amazing it is still there :)

I read about the DH exhibition in The Telegraph last weekend ... I love Dulwich village.

Great day!

Karen x

Jewels said...

Wonderful day for you Jo. I have an Aunt and Uncle in London who took me to Crystal MANY years ago (pre that restaurant I am sure). So sorry to hear about Luke - hope he gets well soon. J

Terri Corona said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderful outing, and I really enjoyed the video. But oh my gosh, poor Luke, that sounds awful. I am definitely wishing all of you some sunshine!

Eileen said...

I hope Luke feels better soon.
You had a wonderful day out.

SusieJ said...

Another wonderful girls day out Jo..I love DH..and my mouth is watering at the thought of a juicy burger...sigh
Poor Luke...I wish I knew a magic cure for him.
Hope he starts to feel better soon.
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Hopoe that Luke starts to feel better soon.

Your girly day out sounds fabulous.

Have a great weekend - hugs!!!!!

Monica said...

it sounds marvelous and the restaurant made me hungry,
Hope Luke gets well soon, that is terrible. He needs to get to a warm climate.

BadPenny said...

Poor Luke.
Super new headder & lovely outing with Hope x

Jane Housham said...

Great day out and thanks for telling me about the Hockney exhibition as I had missed it. Poor Luke -- hope he feels a bit better soon.

Carmen said...

Sounds like another fabulous day out for the Urbani girls :D I did enjoy that video - he is quite excited about the show isn't he? The presenter chap. Really love your reviews of these shows.

Hope Luke starts to feel better soon - 3 times, that's no fun at all is it :(

And love, loving the new header! x