Friday, 7 February 2014

Riding that Sugar High Feeling

I'm having fun with these
Life Book 2014 Candy Girls
(teacher: Marieke Blokland),
although I must get on to
the next lesson 
(which looks inkylicious!).

(That Sugar High Feeling)
I think we all know this feeling, right?!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow;
Hope and I are going up to London.

First stop will be 
The National Portrait Gallery
to see the new exhibition
and then we'll see the
Exhibition 2013.

After lunch we've got 
tickets to see

- part of Hope's Christmas present.

I think I've got that sugar high feeling!



marigold jam said...

Have a great time in London sounds like a fun day out.

Eileen said...

Have a fabulous day in London.

SusieJ said...

Have a wonderful day out in London!
Love your gorgeous Sugar high girl.
Hugs xx

BadPenny said...

Have a wonderful time together.
Super Sugar High girl.

I can't make any new posts ... driving me mad !

Virginia said...

Oh have a fab time, loving the sugar high painting - beautiful!

Used-to-Bees said...

Ooh lovely! Have a super time in London. Billy Eliot always makes me think of 'We Love to Boogie' and want to get up for a jolly good bop!

missy k said...

Sweet Candy Girl :)

Hope you have fun tomorrow.

Karen x

Monica Smith said...

Sounds like a fab weekend. be sure to do one of you fab posts on the museums. It is always a vicarious thrill for me.

Kristin said...

WOnderfuL! Love it - now I'm off to watch that video thanks to you! Happy weekend, xoxo

Luna Art said...

Really liking your candy girls, Jo, and all the pages you have done for life book and soul food x

Terri Corona said...

Love her! She definitely deserves to be your new header! She just makes me smile, especially since I'm eating chocolate as we speak and probably AM on a bit of a sugar high.

And I'll just say again, how much I want to live outside of London too! Good thing I have you to vicariously check out all the art exhibits.

Carmen said...

Oh she is just fabulous! She looks so good flying across the top of your blog too! :) Loving what you are doing lately :D