Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Rounding Up our 4-Footed Friends

I was talking to a friend recently
and was pleasantly surprised to
hear that she often read my blog.
She explained that she really liked my blog
but "there really isn't enough about
your animals, that's what I'd like to see
more about."

So Amanda, if you're reading,
this Urbani animal update 
blog post is dedicated to you ;)

The Cretins

(Pimple and Poppet)
Pimple and Poppet, the guinea pig sisters,
 are now about 7 months old and have spent
 a warm and dry winter in the conservatory.
They enjoy a crazy run-around each evening
and eat their way through anything they 
see as an obstacle -
books, tables, electrical cables..... :/
Naturally, despite me providing delicious and
varied meals, and always being kind and 
gentle with them, 
they view me as their 
Number 1 Predator.

Poppet is a pudding-like creature
 whose main purpose in life is to eat.

I'm convinced that Pimple is a soul returned 
from a previous life.  She is far too intelligent for
a guinea pig and spends her time plotting 
elaborate escape plans.  Thankfully, these plans are 
always foiled by Poppet, who always insists they 
have a snack before they leave.

The Bunster

Clifford the Bunny is around 9 years old.
We 'rescued' her from Hope's school animal 
shed when she was about 3 years old.
She too has enjoyed being in the conservatory
during the winter months and happily bounces around 
my feet each evening when I'm arting.
She has developed a passionate relationship with
my slippers but sadly her love remains unrequited.
Taking a photo of her was tricky because
she's always on the move, so I suggested that
she took a selfie or two.

Her first try was rather eerie (geddit?!)

 .....the next one was better :)

Cliffy is absolutely adorable. 

We have a cat?

(No publicity please)
We foster (on a permanent basis) a cat
from Last Chance Animal Rescue.
She is 17 years old and is called Small Cat.
Small Cat lives upstairs
in Hope's room and they share
a warm and loving relationship. 

I am, however, the one who is responsible
for giving Small Cat her medication (for 
medium to severe kidney failure) so
she looks at me with distaste and treats
me with derision.
I am lucky if I get to stroke her when I've
just given her some dinner.

But as long as she's happy, I'm happy.


Rose-Marie is not actually her name, of course,
but that is one of the nicknames she has 
picked up over the years.
Her proper name is Rosie Mae.
Having adopted her from a rescue centre 
when she was about 18 months old, 
she is now 17+ years old;
and sadly blind and deaf and increasingly tottery.
However, she remains full of love for her family.  
She regularly checks up on us all, likes to help
wake Luke and Hope in the morning and sees
patrolling the garden perimeter fence,
checking on the bird table and chasing
her tail as just a few of her many duties.

She spends most of her time sleeping 
these days, and that's perfectly 
understandable for such an old lady.


Well that's the Urbani animal round-up.
They give all us so much pleasure and 
I can't imagine a life without pets in it.
What about you -
are you an animal person or not?



SusieJ said...

Love them all but especially Clifford and Rosie Mae...I have a soft spot for bunnies and dogs...
Hugs xx

BadPenny said...

Lovely round up Joe. Small Cat & Rosie Mae are such delightful oldies.
Funny, I was thinking of doing an animal update. We take delivery of Ronnie on Friday !

Jewels said...

What a zoo! Can't imagine what feeding time is like LOL - they all look absolutely lovely Jo. I am very impressed with your extended family - I could not possibly have as large a one as yours (Mr. D is sufficient for now). I could probably deal with a gold fish (though I did accidently kill the last one I had)...

Kelly_Deal said...

Thanks for sharing! Pimple is so much like a guinea pig I had long ago named Noel. She was so smart and it always looked like she was trying to figure you out! Your post brings back some many fond memories! I'm soooooo an animal person. I love everything from guinea pigs and lady bugs to great white sharks and komodo dragons!

Used-to-Bees said...

Loved reading this and especially that photo of small cat warding off unwanted attention! We don't have any pets here, mainly due to all the sillies with fur or feather allergies in the family (NOT me!) but I have cherished memories of pre-married life cats and dog! One day though, I would so love a dog again...

Monica said...

A conservatory family.

missy k said...

They are all very cute :)

Karen x

Terri Corona said...

Well I enjoyed that update thoroughly! You have such a great collection of the most adorable animals, I must say. My 3 boys (2 dogs and a cat) are the loves of my life as well, along with my husband of course, better not forget him!

Linda said...

I am so glad you dedicated a special post of all your furry "children". They are all SO sweet!! I could not imagine my life without a pet.
Love bunny too- my recent post is about bunnies- you may want to check out the video there :)

Carmen said...

Small Cat makes me miss having a kitty even more. I love that aloof-ness. I am a cat lover in a household of dog fans. One of which is cat phobic so I can't see me getting a companion any time soon. At least till I have broken her phobia. I keep introducing her to the friendly neighbourhood cats who she is happy to stroke on her terms. ie, they sit rigidly still. Which as you know, cats enjoying being stroked don't sit still, they go all prancy, winding themselves around your legs. And then she ditches them and they stand there mid-prance all confused!

We have Cooper, the daft mutt and that's it at the moment.

Your bunny makes me laugh - she looks such a character! How did she come to be called Clifford?

Eileen said...

Awww I've been longing for a Rosie Mae update and almost missed it! She and all your other fur babies are beautiful :-)

Natasha said...

An animal farm at your house. I enjoyed reading about their characters. I fell for little Poppet. Or maybe not so little! :)