Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Taylor Wessing and Billy Elliot

Hope and I had such a lovely time 
in London last Saturday.

At the
National Portrait Gallery
we saw
Prize Exhibition, 2013.

We have seen this for the past few years
and somehow always manage to catch it 
just when it is about to close.
The same happened this year and I'm so
glad we didn't miss it, phew!

I would really like to know the thinking
behind the judges' decisions when 
choosing the winner for this competition.
What, in their opinion, makes a great image?
The image on the accompanying book, 
above, is not, in fact the
winning photograph.

This is....

(photo source)
...a photo of female jockey
Katie Walsh.

I love this exhibition.

The photographs invite discussion.
- some are very difficult to look at
(which probably says more about me than the image),
some are comical, and some document social history
in this country and abroad.
The variety of subject and style is always

After a quick scoot round Cass',
the art shop, stocking up on some art
materials while they had their 80% off sale,
Hope and I made our way to
the Victoria Palace Theatre
to see

This was brilliant.
The lad taking the role of Billy,
is just 10 years old.
He sang, danced, and acted
his little heart out
and was nearly always on stage.
Oh my goodness, what a star we 
have in the making!
We both really enjoyed the show.
There were quite a few foreign tourists
in the audience and I did wonder how they
were coping with the strong Geordie accents 
and if they had any idea about the political
history that the story was based on.

Hope and I are now going to try and
get tickets for

now that should be a giggle ;)



missy k said...

Sounds like the perfect day out :)

Karen x

Jewels said...

wonderful...I have to tell you a local theater group did the Full Monty a couple of years back - and I new the young man who had the lead role who happens to work at our Nature Center (hmmm) - I couldn't resist when I saw him a couple of weeks later and said "I didn't recognize you with your pants on" LOL They TRULY did the monty :)

Terri Corona said...

Oh my - I don't think an outing could get much better than that!

Eileen said...

Sounds like a wonderful day out :-)

Carmen said...

It sounds an amazing day out - that sounds like such a good exhibition!

BadPenny said...

The show sounds brilliant & the exhibition interesting. How is Hope getting on with her course ?

The Full Monty will be a HOOT ! x

Virginia said...

Oh looks like you had a great day out, Full Monty - now that might prove an interesting review LOL!

SusieJ said...

What a great day out!
When and where is the Full Monty on?
I bet that's a fun show!
Hugs xx

Monica said...

Now for a bit of "slap and tickle'. It would be interesting to see what was in their minds when they judged a winner. So many photos today are shopped in one way or other and even the cameras help produce incredible photos.
I did not like the winner and hav absolutely no qualifications to judge at all, it just gets down to what you like or do not like. It always seems that the shock factor sways judges and I wonder if this the compromise"shock"!!