Wednesday, 12 March 2014

7 Happy Days

I am taking part in the
which entails taking one photograph
of something that's made me happy.

I am generally a happy person
and I like the idea of documenting
this positivity for 100 days.
Apparently 71% of people taking part
have failed, with lack of time being given
as the reason for failure.

They don't have time to be happy.

How sad.

I'm going to keep the images simple;
this challenge is not to show off
my fortunate life or my beautiful possessions,
or in fact to stage beautiful photographs.
It's about capturing a moment of joy
in my day.

So here is the first week of my 100 Happy Days.

Day 1 - today it was easy to find something
that made me happy - 
the sun was out, the birds were tweeting
and I opened up all the windows to
freshen up the house and blow away the winter fug.

Day 2 - I enjoyed a couple of hours baking
(we had a friends and family dropping in kinda weekend),
and I rewarded myself with 1 (or 2!) pieces of
chocolate brownie with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.
The hyacinths' scent was heavenly too.
What's not to be happy about?!

Day 3 - There were so many times when I was happy,
but I either didn't have my camera handy
or it wasn't appropriate to take a photograph to
document it.  However, I really enjoyed an
evening with Grant, Luke and Hope, vegging out in front
of the fire watching a bumper 4 episodes of
House of Cards, Season 2 on the tv
(we are addicted).

Day 4 - Grant's parents came to us for the day -
 for lunch we had a 3 bird roast (yummy) 
followed by homemade New York cheesecake 
(recipe courtesy of Nigella Lawson). 
By the time I remembered to take a photograph
 Luke had sloped off to his room for a snooze 
(he's still recovering from glandular fever).

Day 5 - I went to Wisley today,
expecting a lovely wander in the 
Spring sunshine among the Spring flowers.
Unfortunately, it was very cold and overcast 
BUT it was lovely and warm in the greenhouse 
and this cute little cactus wearing a garland of
flowers made me smile.

Day 6 - My happy today was formulating an idea for
The Dreadful Project
and actually finishing it - all in the same day.

More details about this project in 
another post coming soon.

Day 7 - Luke and I took Rosie Mae for a run.
As she is so old (17+) and decrepit we haven't
risked taking her to the fields for a few months
because we thought she might hurt herself trying 
to walk in the deep mud, so she's had to make do
with walking the streets of Edenbridge.
But today I decided to give the fields a go and boy,
was she happy!
It was good to get Luke out in some fresh air too.


Click HERE 
for more details 
about the 
100 Happy Days challenge.



Used-to-Bees said...

I really like the idea of the 100 Happy Days challenge and loved your post about your first week. I feel very tempted to join in...Especially good to see Rosie-Mae and Luke out in the sunshine, and love the happy post lunch shot. Is it a groupie when it's not just one person?

Terri Corona said...

That's great, what a lovely challenge, and we get to share the happiness with you too(I wish I'd shared those brownies as well, yum!)

Eileen said...

What an interesting post and lovely to see snapshots of your life. It's been lovely to see the sunshine this week and we enjoy our daily walks so much more because of the sun and not having to wrap up in layers so much. Lovely to see Rosie Mae enjoying a walk in the sunshine, aww bless her. It's a lovely challenge, I might go and check it out, although I know I would fail for sure, not because of lack of time but lack of inspiration :-)

Virginia said...

Loving the summary Jo - fab stuff!

Crafting Queen said...

What a great idea to focus on the good things in our lives. Lovely photos, especially the cake!

Sharon W. said...


BadPenny said...

I'm singing " Happy Happy Happy...." now !

missy k said...

Keep Happy!

Karen x

Carmen said...

Loved this summary of your happy days - it's such a good project isn't it? :)

Natasha said...

I have been thinking about joining...i am going to. Without thinking about it anymore!! There is always something in each day that ales me happy.

Loved seeing your photos. Glandular Fever takes so long to fully recover from. Thinking of you all.