Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Grant and The Monuments Men

It was Grant's birthday on Monday
so I made him a card using one 
of his old 1960's school photos
(scanned and copy used).

Anyway, I dressed him up ready for
a party and made sure that he was
wearing his rose tinted glasses
(he is always Mr Glass-Half-Full rather
than Mr Glass-Half-Empty!).

We enjoyed a coffee and chat in Costas,
some pub grub for lunch
and then we went to the cinema to see

We had mixed feelings about this film.
On the one hand, it was really interesting because 
it was based on the true story from WWII, 
when a group of soldiers was tasked 
with locating and, where possible,
 returning artworks stolen by the Nazis.
I had never heard about this happening.

However, we both felt that it was overly 
George Clooney'd.  Now don't get me wrong,
me and George go back a long way and he is
really rather lovely to look at BUT he is always
George Clooney, if you know what I mean?!
I really felt that the story deserved more gravitas;
it was trivialised, the characters became caricatures 
and I was not really 'moved' by it, even when I
really should have been.  
Having said that, deserving special mention
 is Cate Blanchett,
who was outstanding and very believable,
and Matt Damon,
who I think is consistently exceptional.

I am being generous when I give this film a 
on the Joanna scale -
but I enjoyed it despite its faults.

I kinda feel that in different hands this story
could have been told in a much better way.
Even if it meant no George to look at ;)



SusieJ said...

Love the card Jo and it sounds like a good birthday for Grant.
Thanks for the review of the film...I'm tempted by it but feared it would be trivialised...sigh.
Hugs xx

Carmen said...

Same as Susie. We've been talking about it a lot as Devvie is doing that era for history at the mo.

I think we probably will end up watching it... when it comes on the TV.

I love Grants card :D

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Love the card you made for grant, it is so fab! Today is steven's birthday but he got a store bought card that made him laugh. It was perfect for him so I could not resist! xo love the look of your blog, Jo :)

Privet and Holly said...

I actually loved this
picture, especially
since it is a true story.
And GC seemed more
toned down to me than
usual, probably because
it is an ensemble cast.

Just playing devil's
advocate a bit....I still
love ya!

Happy B-day to your

xo Suzanne

missy k said...

Cute card Jo!

Hope you did crack open some bubbles :)

Must admit this film is not going to drag me to the pictures....

Karen x

Monica said...

I plan to watch it if it makes it to Netflix as i saw a documentary years ago on this subject. Nice card.

Terri Corona said...

What a precious card!

I overall liked Monuments Men, but I also thought it could have been better. I loved the people, and loved the subject matter, but it did feel like something was missing.

Eileen said...

Loved the card!
Belated birthday wishes to Grant.

Virginia said...

Oh interesting review, will mention to hubby whose the film addict in this house!

BadPenny said...

Super personalised card Jo. My friend's daughter said the film was too much of the how the Americans won the war ! Still, I'd like to see it.
You won't beak up those Ocean's boy's. Love Matt Damon & Leonardo de C -both fine actors.

Used-to-Bees said...

I bet Grant loved the card - it's fab! A shame the film wasn't quite up to the mark. Am I seeing something crawling along George's top lip? Sure spoils the George effect for me!

sugar Creek said...

I love your card and those purple glasses!! I've been wanting to see that movie as well. I'm thinking maybe it's a blogger thing on my part. I tried to make amp oat last night from my computer and it was all messed up or something, but thank you glad you got caught up!:)