Friday, 21 March 2014

Mum and Son visit Richard and Hannah

I have enjoyed a couple of trips out this week
with Top Son Luke,  who is s-l-o-w-l-y but surely
recovering from glandular fever.

Having seen pretty much only the inside of 
these 4 walls for 6 weeks he was desperate
to get out, and he suggested Tate Modern.

We went into the

Born in 1922, Richard Hamilton is regarded 
as one of the founding figures of Pop Art,
and his constantly developing career
lasted over 60 years until his death in 2011.

This is a brilliant exhibition
(we both enjoyed it)
and it will be on until
26th May 2014.

If you click
you can see examples of 
Richard Hamilton's artwork.

We also enjoyed wandering around 
the free exhibitions.

Luke took this photograph of us, 
our image distorted by a couple of screens.

A couple of people have mentioned that it 
looks like I'm wearing a crown/tiara.
No, I'm not - I obviously only wear 
my crown at night ;)
What you can see sparkling on my head is 
actually a pair of glasses (boring, but true!).

At the beginning of our day I told Luke
 that I was going to be focusing on seeing
David Tennant sometime that day.

Luke, as always, laughed at me.
So I focused and focused and focused.
And who should we see as we turned
into a street near Tate Modern?
No, not David Tennant 
the actress that played
Jackie Tyler in Doctor Who
(Rose's Mum!), Camille Coduri.

Now that is a good link to David,
wouldn't you agree?
It was close enough for Luke, 
who's now convinced I'm a witch!

Today, Luke and I travelled to 
The Whitechapel Gallery
and went to the
Hannah Hoch 

I have wanted to see this for ages and then
all of a sudden I realised that it is
ending this Sunday, 23rd March
(and Grant and I are away this weekend),
so we dashed up to London this morning!

Hannah Hoch (1889 - 1978) 
was a member of
Berlin's Dada Movement and a
driving force in the development of
20th Century collage.
Examples of her collages can be
seen HERE.

I loved this exhibition so much
and learned so much about the
origins of collage.
I adored all of her collages, 
particularly the early ones.
Her artwork was admired by
Kurt Schwitters,
another of my all time favourites.

Phew, I'm all 'art exhibitioned' out 
for one week!

Grant and I are away for the weekend;
we are going to be attending a big
Utility Warehouse get-together 
which we're looking forward to.
It's always uplifting to be among
happy, positive people :)



Terri Corona said...

Thanks so much for the links - so wonderful that your children enjoy going to art exhibitions with you - you raised them right!

missy k said...

So lovely that you are getting this time to have trips out with Luke (some consolations to yukky glandular fever!) ...

Good celeb spot.... think I can trump it though!!!! Louise and I saw Dame Judi Dench at the Country Living Fair!!! She looked absolutely beautiful :)

Have fun on your weekend away... I thought you were at the CL Fair on Saturday with Hope? Have you already been? We loved it!

Karen x

Virginia said...

Oh wow trips out with art at the end - fabulous stuff, love the photo of the two of you - fab stuff!

Eileen said...

Glad Luke is getting better.
Enjoy your weekend. I just realised that son's work colleague who I have met does this Utility Warehouse too. Maybe he'll be there too.

BadPenny said...

50 degrees of separation is good enough !
Good to see Luke up & about x

Kristin said...

Have a wonderful weekend! I just LOVE that you focused on what who you wanted to see, and you were rewarded with someone close and cool! AND I LOVE that your son wants to be with you - you're a good Mum! xoxo

Relyn Lawson said...

I only wear my tiara at night. I love it!!

Natasha said...

Of course you only wear your tiara at night. We all do then! :) So much art inspiration goodness and Hannah Hoch!!!!!!!!! Love her work. To see it in person. How very thrilling.