Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Renaissance Mash Up Postcard/Mail Art Swap

The 'We {heart} Mail Art' girls
(me, Jewels and Lenna)
recently swapped, with Jewels 
suggesting the theme - 

'Renaissance Mash Up'


I chose the Renaissance 
master himself,
Leonardo da Vinci,
and specifically his painting, 
Mona Lisa.

I found a retro knitting pattern
with the same image on both front and back,
perfect to produce 2 identical postcards.
The model seemed to have the same 
half-smile worn by the inscrutable Mona.

I gave her a 3 colour band background
vaguely similar to the original and suggested
 that she might like to

The accompanying envelope was again of Mona,
drawn on a paint smooshed background, which I
then painted around her with black gesso and 
added white doodles and stamps.

Sadly, although Lenna has received
my postcard and Mail Art, Jewels
has not, despite it being sent at 
the same time (many weeks ago).


This is Jewels' postcard and Mail Art for me.

Classic renaissance mashed with
retro chic communication :)

She writes about it on her blog,

And here is Lenna's.

Beautiful muted colours, dreamy image
and a great quote :)

I love how different they all are,
yet all from the same given theme.

Our next swap is due now -
mine are finished and will be going 
in the post tomorrow
(let's hope they reach their destination this time).

The theme?

The Night Sky
(Jewels' clever idea again).



Tan Kingston said...

All so wonderfully creative! What a fab mash-up, ladies! Tx

missy k said...

Such a varied selection of gorgeous postcards and mail art :)

Karen x

Terri Corona said...

Ooh fun - I love your take on it!

Kristin said...

SUCH fun! I love love what you did and love to see what was sent to you! Can't wait to see what happens to The Night Sky ;) xoxo

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Awesome, JO!! Thanks for writing about it :) I am thinking of my night sky but it has not been produced yet, soon!!

BadPenny said...

Brilliant fun & great creations. Hope the lost card turns up !

SusieJ said...

Great stuff Jo!! All so different but all perfect for the theme..and what fun!
Hope Jewels receives her lost card.. :(
Hugs xx

Linda said...

you ladies are having so much fun and producing wonderful mail art for each other! So sad when something disappears along the mail route. I hope it's just very late in arriving. Love the varied themes you choose to work with too.

Monica said...

Interesting swap and I love all the envelopes shown. I am confused these days as you post some stuff on FB. i feel like I live in deja vue

Virginia said...

Oh they are fab Jo!

Carmen said...

I love seeing these mail swaps you three do. Always so different (loving your new Mona blog banner too!)

Looking forward to the Night Sky - that instantly makes me think of Mr Van Gogh. And Dr. Who!

Natasha said...

What a fun swap. It always pleases me to see so much variety of interpretation on the one theme.