Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tan, Dan and Dave

I met my friend Tan yesterday
in Tunbridge Wells while Hope was
visiting an exhibition with her college

Tan and I enjoyed a chat over
our drinks and we swapped our
1:1 'From the Heart'
art journal cards.
This swap is the result of a
conversation we were having about
a book I've been reading,
'The Journey is the Destination'
published by Kathy Eldon, showing
 the art journals of Dan Eldon.

I have been stunned by this book,
which was posthumously published by
his mother, as Dan died at the age of 22.
This book shows how Dan, even at such
a young age, was able to express his
feelings in his art journals.
I was saying to Tan how I wish I could 
express myself more but suffer from
a typically British problem!
We agreed to have a regular swap, when 
would open up about ourselves and
what makes us tick.
These art journal cards will remain private.
After a while we will meet up,
bind the pages into books (Tan is
a very talented bookbinder) and
then present the book back to 
each other :)

Tan then took me to a wonderful
art shop in Tunbridge Wells called
I thought I'd died and gone to heaven
but was very restrained and purchased
just 4 new Neocolor II crayons
(choosing just 4 was tricky!).

I said goodbye to Tan and met up
again with Hope, who raved so much 
about the exhibition she'd been to -
A Retrospective
that I went to see it 
(she was happy to go in again,
and it was free).

This was a very interesting exhibition
(held in just one room)
and although I hadn't heard of
Dave Mckean before, I had seen his
(he has illustrated books by
Neil Gaiman, SF Said - Varjak's Paw,
and Graphic Novels)
and also album covers.

His art tends to be a bit creepy,
rather dark in emotional tone
and multi layered.

I really liked his mixed media 
artwork in particular.

The exhibition is on until
the end of March.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of
WIPs to share,
before certain ruination when I attempt to
paint the faces, haha!

These are from a Life Book lesson with 
(Willowing) Tam, and involves ink
sprays, stencils and sploshy fun :)

These are A3 size, btw.

Thanks for reading 
and bye for now!



Carmen said...

Ohhh. I might have to see if I can go see that Dave McKean exhibition! Sarah told me one of my CJ pages was reminiscent of his work so I had to google him after that. I was, of course, smitten!

Your project with Tan sounds so good. And will be so good for YOU. I googled the book after you mentioned it and the blurb is so sad - as was the look inside - I see what inspired you so.

Love your colourful ladies - you wont ruin them. Will you make their faces colourful too or black and white?

Eileen said...

Tragic to be killed so young, makes you wonder what greatness Dan would have achieved if he had lived.
Enjoy your project with Tan and don't hold back.

BadPenny said...

ooh those ladies are stunning Jo !

Kristin said...

Oh wow! Those pages inspired by Tam are AMAZING! I love all the bold, drippy colors and your sketch is great. And that book - I totally want it now! xoxo

Terri Corona said...

I'm with you, not real good at really expressing myself in my art journals, they definitely tend to be more about the art.

Your WIPs are fabulous, all that saturated color and pattern just gorgeous! Can't wait to see them done!

Natasha said...

That Dan Eldon book is a treasure. I found mine for a bargain and love it! You have reminded me how far behind i am with Life Book. I need to add that to my to-do list.