Saturday, 15 March 2014

The "Dreadful" Project

The Sketchbook Project people
have run another free project
and I managed to get a place
(there were 1000 places available).

It's called
supported by
Showtime and the new original series,

We were invited to illustrate our nightmares
on the special Dreadful Project card sent to participants;
monsters, eerie scenes, our greatest fears
or sharing the darkness that is within us.

(Night Terrors)
I have always suffered with night terrors,
and although they have lessened as I've got older,
when I'm stressed they can still emerge and they
are extremely frightening - for Grant and
the 'kids' as well as for me.

When the lights are out, innocuous objects can 
take on a brooding and malignant guise,
 and that is what I have
tried to portray in my card, where 
the shadow of the fluff bunny 
(we all have fluff bunnies, right?!)
in the bottom right hand corner becomes a 
terrifying and dreadful giant spider
(I loathe spiders although I would never hurt them).

My card is now in the post
to Brooklyn, New York!

If you want to take part in any of 
The Sketchbook Project's 
occasional free projects 
(note: the 'Dreadful' Project is now closed), 
then click HERE and sign up for
email notifications.

Be warned, places go fast!

mixed washi tape background
black and white gesso
acrylic paint
graphite pencil
rubber stamped 'poem'



Eileen said...

Night terrors sound awful, poor you.
You've captured the essence really well. Thankfully I sleep well most of the time!

BadPenny said...

That spider really is dark & brooding.
I wake up anxious sometimes; last night's dream was about not having enough time to get things done & I sometimes wake up anxious about unfinished paperwork & letters & even look under the bed for them !

Monica said...

My nightmares are only about looking for someplace or trying to find an out of a situation. Sometimes effected by books or movies.

Terri Corona said...

Your night terrors sound horrible, I really hope they're a rare occurrence. Love your card though - you should submit it to one of the Somerset magazines for Halloween, when/if you get it back.

Linda said...

that's a fascinating theme for a project. Perhaps by releasing it on paper you might be well rid of those night terrors:)
I'm going to check your link-thanks!

Carmen said...

Your night terror sound - well, a nightmare Jo. But your art created from it is crazy good. So atmospheric.

Natasha said...

I get night terrors when i am stressed as well. Never good. Love the mood of your card...well not really but i love how you portrayed it. I have thought about signing up for their projects but have never done it. Maybe I will. I am finding the busier I am the more I do!