Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The next 7 happy days

I'm so enjoying the
and it's all the more fun because
some of my blogging/Facebook friends
are joining in too.

You can still join in - it's self paced
and everyone taking part is on 
their own timeline.

So here's the next 7 day's worth of 
my happy day photographs.

Day 8 - Luke and I were sat on a bench 
in the garden, enjoying the Spring sunshine 
while Rosie Mae pottered about the garden,
 sniffing all those fresh Springy smells.
A butterfly settled on the stones in front 
of us and started to sunbathe.
A perfect moment.

Day 9 - I was able to get our cretinous guinea pigs
and bunny out onto the grass after a long
and wet winter of being cooped up indoors.
They were ecstatic!

Day 10 - Luke fired up the chiminea
(man must make fire!)
and we enjoyed sitting with a drink,
(over)feeding the fire.

Day 11 - On an early morning dog walk 
I just had to stop and take in the 
beautiful view while I listened to the 
birds singing.
It really was perfect - 
no voices, no music, no cars.

Day 12 - Some of the conversations I 
have on Facebook with the 
Wednesday Whine girls are hysterically 
funny and this week there was an 
example of that. Unfortunately I really can't 
share what it was about but this picture sums
 it up and it's still making me laugh.

Day 13 - I wore my new 
Wonder Woman knickers
and I felt EPIC!

Day 14 - I went with Luke up to London to
I'll do a separate post about what we did
but this photo was us in front of a screen
thing with another screen thing behind that
distorted the image of us.  You can probably
tell that I don't really understand what it was
all about!  We had a great day!

Thank you for looking :)



missy k said...

Lots of happies :)

Karen x

Jewels said...

Lubberly Jo and VERY happy

Eileen said...

Lovely photos again.
Intrigued by Day 12 :-)

Virginia said...

Loads of happies there Jo - I'm struggling on this, keep forgetting to take a photo!

SusieJ said...

What a great 7 days..and lovely photos to prove it!
Hugs xx

Carmen said...

This post made ME happy! Great post Jo! :D

Privet and Holly said...

Love all your sweet
moments. At first glance,
I thought you were wearing
a tiara in the pic of you and
Luke. Long live Queen Joanna!

xo Suzanne

BadPenny said...

Happy Happy Happy ...I'm singing ! can you hear me ?

Natasha said...

I love your knickers!! They are happiness personified. Love!