Wednesday, 2 April 2014

22 through to 28

I'm keeping up with the
and I'm really enjoying it.
It really isn't too arduous to find
something that has made me happy
during a day.

So these are my photos for days 22 -28.

Day 22 - Luke had a massive clear out of his clothes
which means he can now use his wardrobes
rather than resorting to the floor-drobe ;)
This makes life so much easier for me.

Day 23 - All four of us watching 
Season 3 of Game of Thrones
(Luke and Hope bought the Blu-ray box set).
We love it so much!

Day 24 - Repurposing a dribbly teapot.

Day 25 - Mothers Day.  Grant's parents came 
to us for the day and I cooked coq au vin blanc 
followed by this,
Black Forest Meringue, yum yum yum :)

Day 26 - To give a Dogs Trust collector and 
his gorgeous dog (outside my local Waitrose) 
a donation I had to battle 
with my wayward shopping trolley,
a cup of takeaway Earl Grey tea
and my bottomless pit of a handbag.
He gave me a sticker and - bonus -
a Dogs Trust pin.
Cute :)

Day 27 - I enjoyed sitting in the garden 
eating my lunch and taking in all the 
signs of Spring -
birds, flowers, sunshine.
These pretty Muscari sum it up!

Day 28 - Driving back from a monster Hope 
clothes shopping trip today, the sun came out 
and I loved how it played on the faceted 
beads of my bracelets and sparkled.
I do so love sparkly things!

Bye for now!



SusieJ said...

Fabulous happiness...and your photos really show how it's the "little things" that mean the most in life.
Hugs xx

Terri Corona said...

As always looking at your happy pics makes me happy (and craving black forest meringe - never had it before but now I want to!)

Virginia said...

Loving these photos Jo - I might have to start again and make a better effort than I have!

JansArtyJunk said...

Have enjoyed seeing your HAPPY pics on FB Jo.... It just goes to prove that it is the simple pleasures in life, are what really makes us smile!!...and you've made me smile too...especially with your sparkly beaded bracelets! :) Jan x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear Jo, I am love with seeing you do this project :) It is so full of good things. I may actually do it myself at some point but with posting on blipfoto every day and starting to blog again, I just don't dare take it on right now. It would be fun though and I will let you keep inspiring me until I am ready! I like how you catch us up a week at a time on your blog. ThanKs SO much for leaving a comment on my return to mine -it is so lovely to know you were still there in my blog audience & cared enough to write!!!! xoxoxo

Eileen said...

I really enjoy seeing your happy days photos. I'd love to join in with my new camera but...!! Anyway, your meringue looks scrumptious and well done for donating to the Dogs Trust. They do a fabulous gift catalogue at Christmastime if you're interested and I get some lovely gifts from them. Thanks for brightening my horrible day.

Daniella said...

Hi Joanna!
Thank you for visiting the Altered Arts Magazine blog and commenting on my celery roses! I followed your link to your celery roses on an art journaling page and they are awesome! I love how tight yours were! Beautiful!
Your happy things make me happy too!

Carmen said...

Loving seeing these Jo :) It really does make you stop and pause doesn't it? :)

Natasha said...

Black forest meringue. Google here i come. Looks like a glorious pavlova to me. But even the name sounds perfect. Yum.

I had some sparkly jandals on the other day (because i save my sparkly tiara for nights) and wat hung the sparkly rainbow reflection in the car delighted me as well.