Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Celebration of My Positive Qualities **snigger**

There's something so un-British about
'celebrating our positive qualities'
but that is what we were tasked to do in
Tam's lesson in Life Book 2014,
so I took a deep breath and started celebrating!

I had great fun with my
Dylusions Ink Sprays and stencils
and then I put lots of effort into painting 
the face - I went for a more realistic effect
 rather than the suggested whimsical.
I am working hard on my faces,
which have got a bit better, although
 I still find noses tricky.  
Noses are silly.

Rather than putting my positive qualities
on the back of the artwork, as Tam did, 
I decided to put them on my dreamy lady's hair.

I had such fun with the sprays and stencils
that I couldn't resist doing another lady 
(even if she has a pesky nose too)

I'm really very behind with both
Life Book and Soul Food
but I'm not going to stress about it, I'll
just pick and choose what I fancy doing 
when I've got the time and inclination to do it.

Thanks for looking!



Virginia said...

Oh I love the spring make over of your blog - utterly fabulous! These pieces really are gorgeous and yes we aren't very good at enjoying our finer qualities - particularly when you put the word snigger in your title Jo - I love what you've put as your qualities!

Carmen said...

It really shows that you have been working on your faces! I'm so in love with those skin tones and the eye and brow area on your first lady just captivates me. And the hair. Oh the hair on both is just scrummy Jo!

I'm doing the same - picking and choosing lessons now - if I run out of time I'll download the others ;)

Monica said...

I like those. The sprays really are fun to work with and the hair colors were perfect.

When I was in Michaels, a major art and craft store I saw they sold all sorts of Life Book journals paper and many other embellishments. I really did not look at them too closely but there was quite a display. Smash books are gone and this appears to be the next biggy.

BadPenny said...

Loving this freedom you've found Jo... wonderful xx

BadPenny said...

Loving this freedom you've found Jo... wonderful xx

Terri Corona said...

Wow, I love these! The faces turned out great, the hair turned out so striking with the sprays and stencils, makes me want to go buy some.

Karen Isaacson said...

Oh how lovely! It makes a fabulous blog header as well. I always feel a big of a snigger when faced with an exercise like this, but then I'm always glad I did it.

Natasha said...

I love this. I have just watched week 1 of life book so you are on top of things compared to me!! :)

Noses and hands...and ears. I am not sure why we have them. Love the faces, realistic faces work great with that hair. Also love it as your header.

missy k said...

Beautifully colourful work!

Karen x