Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Another 7.......

Here are my next 7 photos
for the 100 Happy Days Challenge,
which has easily become part of my day.

Day 29 - hair cut day!  
Battled with my ipad to achieve this selfie :D


Day 30 - catching up with my great friend 
We had such a giggle taking this selfie,

we just couldn't work out where we 
should be looking, haha.


Day 31 - Grant and I had a lovely day visiting my 
FB:WW friend Susie J
where she lives in Thame which is such a pretty 
part of the country!  We enjoyed meeting her dogs,
had some pub grub for lunch and both Susie and I
managed to buy some pretty clothes from a craft fair :)


Day 32 - I loved looking through a new book
about Louis Armstrong -
The Wonderful World and Art of Louis Armstrong
by Steven Brower.
He was, apart from being a jazz musician was, 
wait for it, a very talented collagist!
Many thanks to my FB:WW friend Carmen 
for pointing me in the direction of this 
wonderful book, which I managed 
to find at a bargain price from a 
seller on the Foyles website.


Day 33 - I received a lovely Mail Art postcard
surprise from my FB:WW friend, Virginia,
who is the Queen of using strong images with
stunning backgrounds :)


Day 34 - I enjoyed doing a photoshoot with a nest 
that had fallen out of one of our hedges,
a (sadly damaged) egg that I found on the grass in 
the garden and a teacup.


Day 35 - today I found this lovely necklace 
in a local charity shop.  
Sterling silver encasing mother of pearl.
So pretty.

Another great week :)
Thanks for reading!



Carmen said...

Another great 7 days Jo. I'm really enjoying doing these. I so need to get that book.

Tan Kingston said...

A fantastic snapshot of your last seven days of #100happydays Jo! Still beaming over our selfies! What a laff! I see Carmen mentioned a book, relating to all the happiness experienced over 100 days, I wonder? I was actually thinking this myself the other day. It's a terrific idea. A lovely momento. Just while I'm here Jo, thought I would just pass this by you… Do you by any chance feel a happier person since doing this 100days thing, 'cos I do. It's brought something to my life, something really really positive :)

Tan Kingston said...

…No, just realised what Carmen was referring to! D'oh!!! It's obviously way past my bedtime! Night night chuckie egg.

Virginia said...

Oh fab photos, hadn't realised that the postcard had made the happy list which in turn made me happy!

Privet and Holly said...

Love your happy, J!

And, love your curls ~
aren't you lucky?

xo Suzanne

Natasha said...

Louis Armstrong was an artist? I had no idea
Going to go searching. I need to look at thrift stores more i have decided. I am missing out on bargains.

PS...i have signed up to #100happydays in the middle of all these comments.