Saturday, 26 April 2014

Half way and beyond....

Happily carrying on with the
100 Happy Days project,
here are my days 45 through to 51.

Day 45 - Hope and I gave the guinea pigs, 
Poppet and Pimple, a hair cut.
I put the hair trimmings on the bird table
nest making and within
minutes a crow (named Steve by Hope)
had taken a huge beakful and flown away.
When he returned a minute later I was ready with
my camera! Word clearly got round and very
quickly Steve was having to share the remaining hair 
with his crow friends!

Day 46 - Easter Day.
Family, roastie for lunch 
(followed by homemade strawberry pavlova)
and some film watching in the evening.
A lovely day.

Day 47 - I put together and painted a 
new birdtable for the front garden, 
and Grant attached it to a tree stump.
The wild birdies love it immediately!

Day 48 #1 - I loved all the little 'faces' of 
the pansies in my hanging basket.
I was happy to get Hope's smiley face too :)

Day 48 #2 - A big day for Luke, 
he bought his first car!
I went with him to collect it.
I remember my first car, it was like first love!

Day 49 - My baking disaster made me laugh!
I found a bread mix packet in the back 
of a kitchen cupboard.  It was a bit out of date but
it'd be ok, right?  No, it clearly wasn't!

Day 50 - HALF WAY!!
For a bit of fun I got myself 'Simpson-ised'!
It cost $5.
They worked from this image,

and I think they did a pretty good job!
If you would like have the same done
to you or someone else,
click HERE!

Day 51 - Enjoying a steak and chips pub grub 
lunch with the hubster.

Thank you for following my 
100 Happy Days journey.
I find it totally addictive and I have
really enjoyed seeing the photos
of my friends who are joining in too.



Virginia said...

Oh I love seeing these happies Jo - makes me smile!

Carmen said...

I've really enjoyed doing this too. And it's funny - the person that got me into it initially - apart from you lot, has tailed off almost completely.

I just love the crows and their nesting material and the fact your bird table is on an old tree stump :)

Natasha said...

I love your bird table and the trimmings they used is genius. Imagine putting out rainbow yarn or fibre and having rainbow nests everywhere.

And Simpsonfied! That must be some sort of famous person standard. I love that you did that. You need to have it framed!! :)

missy k said...

What lovely 'Happy Days'

Karen x

BadPenny said...

Your bread is hilarious... did the birds get it ?
Being Simpsonised looks a laugh !

Kristin said...

LOVE your new look! ;)
Sounds like a wonderful week - and congrats to Luke on his new car - how AMAZING is that?! You're right, it's just like your first love. xoxo

Lenna Young Andrews said...

your blog makes me smile Jo, it is so happy and looks so fresh! I LOVE the cover art yo did and the background is fab!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Jo, you have Burleighware? At first I thought you were out at a pub and I was really shocked!! I have a few small pieces, little bowls, a plate I bought, and a platter that was a gift from my manager when I worked at Stonewall Kitchen. They still sell this special ware in the store & online!