Friday, 18 April 2014

Hold on to your hats; there are 9!

I'm almost half way through the
100 Happy Days challenge
and it's definitely giving me a
skip in my step :)

Day 36 - these tablets are giving me a 
skip in my step too.
Having suffered with back pain for years, 
I started taking
the 'wellwoman plus' tablets 
a couple of months ago -
wow, I now have NO back pain, 
even when I have been 
gardening for hours, lugging pots around etc.
I feel GREAT!
I have also recently started taking 
the Osteocare tablets,
you can't have too much of a good thing, right?!

Day 37 - Enjoying some precious arting time.

Day 38 - I enjoyed an afternoon tidying up, 
potting up and cutting back.

Day 39 - reclaiming the 'Urbani-ette' at the end of
the garden.  It was used for storage last year
while the extension was being built and it's so
good to have it back.  We enjoy retreating there 
with a cup of tea or glass of wine.

Day 40 - after a long day doing household chores
I really enjoyed some arting time, 
starting the next lesson from 
Life Book 2014 (Finnabair).

Day 41 - grabbing a 15 minute break in the garden 
with a cup of coffee, 
fresh raspberry muffin 
and my magazine.

Day 42 - Travelling to and from a friends house, 
a 2 hour round trip,
I enjoyed chatting with Grant
 about everything and nothing.

Day 43 - a fun day out to the British Museum
with my girl.

Day 44 - Today, I met up with a new friend, 
Mandy, but forgot to take a photo, duh!
So this is the postcard I made for her :)
We had a great time and had no trouble 
finding things to chat about!

Thank you again for reading!



Lynn Holland said...

Thank you for tip about the vitamins. I'm plagued with a bad back so I'm going to try them too.
Your daily pics are great

Virginia said...

Loving the list as always Jo - fabulous stuff!

missy k said...

Lots of Happy Moments :)

Karen x

Monica said...

A busy week. Love thebright art pieces and the garden hide away.

BadPenny said...

Happy Happy... I've started taking some vitamins too.
Lovely retreat. We didn't do up our old summer house after all... we gave it to the family down the road with three boys who love it. I can hear them playing in there which is lovely.

Happy Easter Jo... lets plan a blog date xx

Carmen said...

Just love seeing your colourful desk. Always makes me smile :) And thanks to you I have been feeling the benefits with my back too - going to double up as well when I get to Boots!

Kristin said...

SUCH lovely things! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your garden! Oh, to have such a lovely climate for flowers, it's SO hot here. And I loved seeing your art space too - always so fun to see what other's create. And your postcard! What a wonderful way to celebrate a memory. Have a great new week! xoxo

Terri Corona said...

Your happy pics made me happy too, as always. I'm especially happy that you've found help for your back pain (amazing!), and also to see your lovely sunny garden - I know that's always so welcome after a long English winter.

Privet and Holly said...

Ah, sweet moments
captured here, my friend!
Your garden looks divine.
We are barely into the
budding out stage, here,
let alone cutting back.
Spring is definitely coming
in at a creep : ) but seeing
your photos gives me a lot
to look forward to!

Keep recording those
precious happys!

xo Suzanne

Natasha said...

Oh...i wonder if there is something similar here for my own back pain. Not that it is really painful most of the time, just uncomfortable niggles. Will have to Google. Chatting with really is those small moments of connection that mean so much isn't it. Loved seeing the art as well. I am going to catch up with Life Book...soon.

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