Friday, 11 April 2014

Night Sky Postcard and Mail Art Swap

The 'We {heart} Mail Art' 3
(me, Lenna and Jewels)
have been swapping again and
Jewels suggested the theme of
"Night Sky."

While pondering the theme
I saw the photograph of a friend's
garden ornament -
a moon gazing hare.
I now knew what I was going to do, 
thanks Sami!

For my postcard I drew a simple hare and moon, 
which I then white gesso'd.
Around the hare I randomly stuck
washi tape which I then painted
with black gesso and blackboard paint.
The shading on the hare was achieved
by smudging 6B graphite pencil lines.
Frosted grass was added 
(white paint and very fine glitter),
and fine glitter was added to the moon and 
to add a few stars.

I entitled this postcard,
"Why does the hare stare at the moon?"
and Jewels did some research and
has given a brilliant potted history
of the history of the moon gazing hare
which you can read HERE.
(Is it terrible to admit that
I'm too lazy to write it all out myself?!).

For the envelope I simply painted black gesso
round a white gesso moon and added the shading
with the soft graphite pencil smudged again.
A few glittery stars were added; I was pleased
to see that they survived the journey :)

Jewels' postcard shows a very different
'Night Sky'
- one that she saw when at her cottage 
in Canada; isn't it beautiful?!

Jewels used a Gelli print as the background,
complemented with watercolours,
and then added the photograph that she took 
of the stunning sky.

She explains the wonderful saying that 
she put on the envelope,
"the sky rolled over and changed its sides."

Such a cool envelope with
Jewels' trademark stitching :)

And a wonderful star constellation 
map on the back!

And here is Lenna's
"Florida Night Sky"
-totally different again!

Such a sweet rhyme to go with the 
wonderful image of her night sky.

She explains that the photo below is
5 layers of photos put together in

The 'star' lights are solar powered and they hang
on Lenna's gazebo.  The horizontal lines of light
are also these star lights but where Lenna has 
deliberately moved the camera.  If you look 
carefully you will see that there are 2 moons, cool!
The photo is of the canal that runs along 
Lenna and Steve's house (Steve often paddles to
work, a very different daily commute!!).

And Lenna's Mail Art, magical.

On the reverse, those gorgeous colours.

What a fun swap!

Our next one is themed
"Tickled Pink!" :)

Thanks for looking!



Sarah said...

a haaaare :) :) :)

I can't get enough of hares this month :D

love it

Virginia said...

Oh Jo they are all fabulous and so different too. I love love love your moon gazing hare - my oh my it's beautiful, you are an amazing artist I wouldn't know where to start to do something like that the shading really is amazing!

Carmen said...

All totally gorgeous! I adore your night gazing hare and will be off to visit that link in a mo! Love the clever photo shop effects and the sky rolling over quote too! What's the next theme?

Carmen said...

Doh! Just saw - tickled pink!

SusieJ said...

They are all beautiful in their own way but I really love your hare. Reminds me of the book "Guess How Much I love You?"
Hugs xx

BadPenny said...

love love love your moon gazing hare ( I have a thing for them )

Super swap & LOVE your new headder xx

Kristin said...

You had me at blackboard paint! I LOVE your piece and just love this trading idea - bravo! xoxo