Thursday, 17 April 2014

Vikings and the Mummy

Today, Hope and I went to the
to visit  

The Vikings invaded Britain,
amongst other countries, during the
 700s AD - 1100 AD.
They set off from Scandinavia in
longboats, for 6 weeks at a time sometimes
 - both for trading and for conquering.

We both really enjoyed looking at 
the artefacts and were surprised at the
detail and intricacy of the designs.
Some of them were really well preserved.

The exhibition was very busy and it 
wasn't always easy to see the displays 
(especially when someone was
wearing one of those audio guide things 
and just plonked themselves in front 
of a display, listening for a-g-e-s).

There were quite a few children there
(obviously, being school holiday time)
but I have to say that they all looked
bored out of their brains - it really isn't
an exhibition for children.

I think I'll probably go back with Grant;
I have a 'Friend +1' membership of 
the Museum and can go as many times 
as I wish, and with a guest.

On the way out of the museum, 
Hope and I couldn't resist doing a 
'having fun with mummy' selfie....

After a quick lunch stop
we wandered for a while and found
a shop called Tiger,
which originates, I think, from Scandinavia.
It's bonkers in there, in a good way.

Hope and I had fun trying on some sunglasses.
I leave you with this photo of a mad woman...

... who then bought the sunglasses, haha!

Thanks for reading :)



Natasha said...

A selfie with a mummy.

I am giggling.

How interesting. I have a thing for vikings. A shame you didn't get to see and appreciate it all...i hope you do when you go back. Sounds like a lovely day out with Hope.

Glasses are hilarious and i love that you bought them as well!!

Virginia said...

Oh Jo I love the photos of the two of you and the one of you in your sunglasses - genius!

Gina said...

You and your daughter are so alike! Happy Easter.

BadPenny said...

Mad in a good way Jo xx

Linda said...

First let me tell you how I LOVE!!!! your new art for your header-wow!!!You sure do get to a lot of great exhibits and museums. Great selfie pic-you look like sisters for sure. And those glasses-I'd buy them too:) Looking good all around!

missy k said...

Well of course you would!!!

Great day :)

Karen x

Monica said...

Love the new header. perfect. I like the map that shows them going west and not coming back a major indicator of an era to come!!!!