Friday, 2 May 2014

100 Happy Days (continued)

I apologise if these
posts are rather tedious for you;
I really appreciate you dropping by and 
wading through them.

Day 52 - A lovely meal out with my brother,
 Simon, and his wife, Deb.

Day 53 - Getting inky fingers after an evening 
of arting
(they looked rather more alarming IRL).

Day 54 - Watching sweet Small Cat 
wandering around the garden.
She doesn't venture outside much these days,
 and I enjoyed watching her check out 
her territory.

Day 55 - Enjoyed a lovely few hours with my
bff Dawn.  She made us a delicious lunch and 
we tried to do a selfie with the ghastly but
oh-so-fashionable 'duck faces'.
Not quite sure what happened with Dawn's!!

Day 56 - I had a wonderful day out with my 
friend Margaret at RHS Wisley, 
where there was a Contemporary Craft Fair.
We were so lucky with the weather,
 the sun shone and it was
lovely and warm.  

Day 57 - I was overjoyed to find my favourite 
dunking biscuits are in the
 Waitrose 'essentials' range
(essential biscuits **snort**).

Day 58 (this morning) - I enjoyed a morning coffee
while reading my favourite magazine, 
A great way to start the day.

Thanks for looking!



Virginia said...

Jo I love these posts they are like mini photographic Rocking posts - fun and bliss in equal measure!

Linda said...

I enjoy seeing your happy collections of photos. How wonderful to get happy with the simple things in life :)