Friday, 16 May 2014

Altered Vintage Postcard Swap

One of my swap buddies, Sharon Walworth, 
and I recently arranged a 
postcard and Mail Art swap
with the theme of 
'Altered Vintage Postcard Swap'.

I have quite a few old postcards
and umm'd and aah'd about which one to choose.
In the end I chose this one,
which is an image of Napoleon's tomb.
What a lovely souvenir of a fun day out (!).

I painted Napoleon onto the side of the postcard
using acrylic paints,
and then added his reported last words,
"France, armee, tete d'armee, Josephine."
(France, army, head of the army, Josephine).
Strange last words.
I added gesso to the outside, scratching it, to give a 
misty, 'time tunnel' look.

The accompanying Mail Art depicts an altogether
younger version of the great man.
It didn't quite go as I planned but I'm determined
to keep plugging away at faces - desperately hoping
that practice will make perfect!

Sharon completed her postcard and Mail Art
but after a bizarre series of events it has ended up
not quite making it into the postal system.
It will arrive in due course and
when it does I'll share it with you.

I really enjoyed doing this
and look forward to the next swap 
Sharon and I do :)



Sarah said...

This is really cool, and that's one impressive tomb!

Eileen said...

Strange last words.
You've done really well with it!

Virginia said...

Oh that's fab Jo - love it!

Monica said...

You improved the post card.

Sabrina Hoeke said...

Your figures are so good! I think you are there! We stare at faces all day long . . . why are they so hard?