Monday, 12 May 2014

And then there were 10.

100 Happy Days continues......

Day 59 - Enjoying sitting in the garden listening
to the sound of the bubble pond.

Day 60 - My sister-in-law, Deborah, gave me some
beautiful flowers and a week later they were still
looking gorgeous.

Day 61 (Bank Holiday Monday) - Hope and I 
went to a Vintage Fair in Oxted and I bought this
darling little watercolour tin for just £4.

Day 62 - Grant and I attended a Metropolitan Police
pre-retirement seminar.  He will be leaving
the police towards the end of next year and it made 
it more real to be talking about the plans we have
to make.  How exciting!

Day 63 - Watching the new season of '24'
with the family.
Grant thinks he is Jack Bauer **snort**

Day 64 - I couldn't resist this bottle of plonk
(I am a little bit ashamed to say I buy wine if I like 
the label - but how else am I supposed to choose?!).
Small Cat approves :)

Day 65 - Taking part in the
#CA12worddrama challenge.
Click HERE for details.

Day 66 - Watching The Eurovision Song Contest
with the 'kids'.  What a laugh.
My favourites, The Netherlands, came second.
Graham Norton was excellent, as always.

Day 67 - Spending some much needed time 
tidying in the conservatory my studio.
I've still got some sorting to do but it 
feels so much better out there.

Day 68 - Luke and I had to give Rosie Mae a bath
due to a problem with fleas, ugh!
It was a giggle though, we both got wetter than 
the dog (and somehow I ended up with the bum
end, nice one Luke!!).  Anyway, here she is all
sweet smelling, spruced up and (hopefully)

Thank you for looking!



missy k said...

I enjoyed that round up!

Love the photo of Rosie best - minus fleas of course!!!

K x

Miss Iowa said...

I'm enjoying these posts very much. We can find joy in such simple things if we just allow ourselves, can't we? And hey! Day 61. I also bought a used (and somewhat old) watercolor tin (on Saturday). At an estate sale For 5 U.S. dollars. I should figure out how much that is in pounds. lol Have a great day!

Virginia said...

Ah these are a fab set of photos Jo!

BadPenny said...

Rosie Mae looks lovely x

Monica said...

Hope the future plans go well.

Linda said...

really nice variety of "happy" shots Joanna! How nice to be planning for retirement, and great job with the short story!

Eileen said...

I do enjoy your photos.
Rosie Mae looks scrumptious :-)
I've just Frontline'd Annie, scared of the little flea blighters, and she does enjoy rolling in grass!? at every opportunity :-)